Raise Minimum Wage To $20 an Hour for full time Workers & $15 An Hour For part-time Workers

   Al Jolson – Brother can you spare a dime


            The Minimum Wage has got to be increased so people can get closer to a living wage. Certain rules must be in effect such as if an employer has more than 25 full time workers salaries should be at a minimum of $20  an hour  ,part time and after school workers can and should be  paid less, manufacturers distributors and  employers of white collar office jobs just have to earn less profit , it will be  a drop in the bucket for employers who have 25 or more workers-full time .If a boss tries to circumvent the law by only giving workers 381/2 hours to avoid  increase in benefits and minimum salaries they should be heavily fined.

     *   Isn’t a shame that people have to make a living wage ? Can you pay your bills on less than $15 an hour and maintain and insure and gas up a Car and have your own apartment on $20  an hour .perhaps not but that should  be the entry level salary for all..especially in a metro N.Y.C. job market /END

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