Head-Lice on The Rise


  • Head-Lice is on The Rise and do you know why? It’s because people keep filthy houses and apartments .. It’s as plain as that.When I attended  kindergarten the teacher would inspect every student with what looked like un sharpened pencils for Head Lice.This was standard routine in the 1950″s. Bottom line disinfect and clean your dirty houses  end of story/.end

Head Lice – The New York TimesLight Orchid

Head Lice Facts & Info‎Light Orchid

Head lice keeps coming back, cannot get rid of the lil critters Light Orchid

One comment on “Head-Lice on The Rise

  1. what a load of codswhollop! Not funny and not true! We Stand by our story..wasn’t meant to be funny..Those who got headlice..clean your filthy house


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