Main Stream Press Must Either Refrain Or Tone Down Reporting On School & Mall Shootings


  Whenever it comes to a tragedy such as a  gunman shooting up a school or mall for instance , the Main Stream Press Must Either Refrain Or Tone Down their Reporting, put it on page 20 . but don’t flash it on page one. these events are happening to much to often to much & to frequent not to be copycat or putting thoughts in these maniacs minds.
This was never an occurrence in the past  with the frequent of the same type of event striking over and over again in such a short time span.
We all know about freedom of the press. but they must act with restraint when reporting theses events
It’s sort of akin to a fool running on the field during a baseball game.The Network made a discion not to show him or Her as not to encourage copycats it has paid off in baseball start doing it on these shootings.It won’t completely stop  these maniacs all together but it’ll curb it to a degree. 
 International Herold
International Herold

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