Global Climate Changing Spells trouble For Homeowners

Ann Margret & Al Hirt – Baby It’s Cold Outside –


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 If we are actually going through a global climate change . homeowners in areas area which normally have a lets say 20 degree cold day winter at its coldest & are now experiencing 3 degree days  will have  a rough time  paying for home heating oil as  thermostats must be kept higher which means bigger oil bills which are beyond the scope of the middle class homeowner to pay. Not only that but most if not all houses in the north east for instance were not made to withstand this type of cold ..the pipes and insulation are not up to the task of providing a warmth.’

I know my home heating oil bill  went from $535 for 2 months to $744  for an extra 4 days of sub freezing temperature and had one pipe break.if this is now the norm. we need

1. tax reduction to pay further escalating oil bills

2 a FEMA type help from  the government to refit homes with better insulation and piping/end


Gustoff Zhychick Says;

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