LIPA raises, 4% Outrageous, Ratepayers getting Electricuted

* For Long Islanders N.Y.

Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant – LyricsLight Orchid


Once again LIPA gest  a big rate increase .. 4%, as the utilities and taxes go up the middle class escapes to  the Carolina ‘s and Florida and Arizona  and other warm low tax states . and homes can be snatched up at fire-sale type price buying  up homes on Long Island  making  devoid of a strong middle class. How could the state let  this  happen ? where is the over sight from  state public service commision? To make matters worse it hits us right in the peak electrical season summer months . The LIPA board  and have you no shame whatsover ? ….
 Long Islanders where told to expect better quality from The jersey outfit PSAG…  bullsh-t The stockholders holders should foot any increase not he ratepayers but they never do./end

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