HItler Look Alike tea Pot Accident or Deliberate Design?


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Hitler’s Teapot Stirs Up Strong Sales for JC Penney
Michael Graves, said he can’t see the resemblance well I can  the mustache the tie and the Hitler salute  The hair cut. I can’t believe in my heart of hearts that this was accidental can you?
Michael Graves, one of America’s most influential postmodern architects, is somewhat amused he is now Internet famous for a completely unintentional design—the so-called Hitler teapot.
Graves said he can’t see the dictator’s silhouette, but he does see the excellent sales figures.
“1,600 teapots last week,” Graves told CNBC. “Bring on the controversy.”
The teapot is one of the centerpiece items of JC Penney‘s relaunch of its home goods category, featuring designs from Graves, Jonathan Adler,Terence Conran and Martha Stewart.
When a giant picture of the teapot last month landed on a JC Penney billboard next to the San Diego Freeway, drivers started posting pictures online, saying it looked like Hitler.
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After that, the teapot was briefly unavailable, causing a rush of sellers to eBay, followed by strong sales when the product returned to JC penny’s lineup. “They’re on sale for $200 on eBay,” Graves said during an interview Thursday with CNBC. JC Penney sells it for $40.

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