Up Date On Sandy In Long Island


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I was surveying the  and Island  of Long and what I saw was not pleasant , trees still down uncleared  electric polls tilted and leaning  about to fall, a half of million homes without power more without cable, no land line phones , senior citizens home bound  2mile lines for Gasoline, and  its getting cold not like Tuesday night. A friend of mine stuck in the City of Long Beach reports looting , drug stores looted of controled substances and will the polls be opened for election day this upcoming Tuesday?And what impact if any will  this have on the Election?
I received mail from out of state  , why can’t we  receive a shipment of gasoline from out of state?
we need 10 times the crews from out of state to get this mess cleaned up. We have a great Governor Andrew Coumo who seems to be holding the power companies feet to the fire  to get things done and Kate Murray and john Vendiito  Town supervisors in my neck of the woods doing a great job  too, and lets not forget Senator Shumer and Gilabrad and the long Island congressional contingent doing a great job.but again we need more volunteers and paid crews from out of state end/

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