Long Gas Lines In N.Y. Contrived?


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   Are the long gasoline lines a well coordinated thing by big oil? Are they staggering deliveries to create  this nightmare? The Commandant of the Coast Guard upon prodding from Senator Shumer (N.Y.) will release oil awaiting on tankers  off shore at the ports ,but We personally feel this is not the problem , many of the gasoline stations parent companys  are the same  , thou different brand  and  We  at The Lerman Report feel that its all contrived to cause a shortage like in 1972 thou we don’t know that for a fact.end

NY-NJ Ports Opening for Gas Delivery to Ease Shortages


The U.S. Coast Guard opened the Port of New York and New Jersey on Thursday on a restricted basis to get gasoline and fuel to the areas hit hardest by.  power, and for their cars and trucks frequently stuck in fuel-wasting traffic snarls.

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