The Rise & Fall Of The All American Diner


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   The all American Diner had its origins in the late 1940’s in Pennsylvania and made its way to N.Y. in the early 1950’s. It was the cheapest place to eat they served Breakfast..Lunch. and Dinner everyday all day. I remember my local Diner  the Booth Memorial Diner in Flushing on Main Street.They has the best Veal that I ever tasted although their spaghetti sauce thou was not exactly Italian it  was very good nonetheless
  I could get 2 stuffed peppers mashed potato with out standing gravy (the likes I’ve never seen since its closing)  and soup  & a  Salad  made with Romaine lettuce for 85 cents, unbelievable!
        Then in the late 1960’s  we see the emergence of the  “‘Greek” Diner.”
They expanded at the right time  when in most homes both Husband and wife were working and had little or less time to cook. They were no longer cheap eats and the food in my opinion wasn’t to good  even thou they had baking on premises.
Thats  my personal opinion, .IF you want to eat Italian food it was the  same price as a good Italian restaurant so it made absolutely no sense to eat Italian food there.
Today I see many Diner s revamping their places modernizing building spending millions on structural and interior and not a penny on a new recipe sad ,just lipstick on a pig.

       Now  a new restaurants emerge  such as Fridays  , Applebees, Chiles, the so-called theme restaurants and are literally putting them out of Business As more and more  diners closes their doors for  good. I say it’s a combination of better priced and better tasting food
Last but not least let not forget the Chinese buffet &  take outs not to mention the proliferation of Pizza Parlors , Bagel shops as well as Family  Steak houses  and that spells doom for the Diners that’s the way it is/end

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