When I was a growing  you had one family Doctor,provided service when one was expecting  he delivered you at birth took out your tonsils  set a broke arm, removed your appendix & made house calls in any type of weather.
I don’t know when the AMA got the brainstorm to eliminate house calls,but they did just that ” Dial 911 and get yourself over to the Emergency room is what they tell you now. If you have no money or coverage they wont see you. What ever happened to the Hippocratic oath, out the window along with house calls The Doctor was once the most respected of all individuals has made themselves no better than a  Bum merely out for the cash reward . My parents grew up in the 1920′s in the poorest neighborhood in N.Y.C. ”Williamsburg ”and the Doctor lived in the neighborhood that he  practiced in. He was a professional a college graduate and could have live anywhere but he chose out of dedication to live where he practiced among illiterate factory workers  now that’s respect and dedication!
Today A  Doctor wants to practice in Levittown(working class $200.000 homes) but live in Muttontown town( upscale 3 million dollar homes). I think that todays Doctors feel that being  a Doctor is like an elevation in society like an  English Earl ..guess what well It Ain’t . Perhaps we should call Doctors Mr or Mrs , instead of Doctor as  a Nurse is Addressed.
When a Police Officer is off duty & returns to his home he is no longer referred to as officer or Sgt.but Mr..Same goes for a Member of the Armed forces when on duty it’s Major or Corporal but when they return home they’re called Mr..
When a Doctor leaves the hospital or the confines of his  office he should be called well . Bring them back to reality into the world of “respect the patient “
Doctors should work for the government and get a pay scale like that of a military doctor only..It’s high time for a change in the system.
International Herold


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