Why People Don’t Want To Get Off The Dole….


              Why do people who are relatively in good health do  not make an attempt to return to work and leave behind their benefit package? Although there are a lot of people who simply don’t fall into that category and are unable to return to work or must leave a job for legitimate reasons of not being in good health  to continue work…for them this article doesn’t apply….

The feds can’t keep shop’s closed forever during Covid but they can still bankrupt the economy by giving unemployment Insurance which is in excess of salaries making shops close due to no workers available .

Many people feel that why should why should they  work  40 hrs. plus the time for travel to and from work and make the same on whatever  they are on whether it be  Welfare..  SSI.. SSD..Compensation or Unemployment  Insurance you know  they have  a point. I’m  sure  that each agency has some form of Reviews and re certification system in place.and their position is if your able to work they don’t care if you make minimum wage you should return to work.
  What the government must do is more than encourage employers lets say  of more than  25 people to pay a living wage where  one can be head of household. have afford a place of their own a car and be in a position to put away some sort of savings to perhaps  buy and maintain a car and have health insurance. No one collecting is going to give up sitting on his or her reclining chair all day for the same as they make on the Dole.it ‘s not going to   happen  / The government must step in a  give Tax abatements and close the corporate Tax loophole so as employers will have the money to make less profit and pay living wages.I’ts as simple as that/end
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