Donna Simpson Gives Up Weight Gain, Goes on Diet

By Mark Berman Opposing Views on Aug 31, 2011

Donna Simpson, the woman who weighed 600 pounds and had her sights set on 1,000, has given up on her goal and is going on a diet.

The Daily Mail reports the change of heart was sparked when her “chubby chasing fiance” dumped her. The stress of the break-up as well as moving from New Jersey to her native Ohio has caused her to lose 60 pounds. She wants to lose another 170 pounds, with her new goal being to weigh 370 pounds.

The 44-year-old is shutting down her $20 per month subscription website where people could watch her eat and will replace it with a weight-loss blog.

She wrote on her site:

The health and welfare of my family was always my priority and they were well taken care of by my ex. Now that I have sole responsibility of taking care of my children, I must drastically change my lifestyle…

I have only myself to blame for the position I am currently in and I must now face the greatest challenge of my life. In order for the people I love most to have a happy and healthy life; I must regain my emotional and physical well-being…

At this time I would like to thank and maybe apologize to all my fans. I realize this statement will be met with mixed emotions. The people that admired me as a “super-sized big beautiful web model” probably will be disappointed in this decision. The thousands of people that have sent me hate mail will either think this is some publicity stunt or maybe they will become supporters. Either way, I assure you I am sincere in my desire to change.

The Mail points out that the timing of the announcement was “interesting” because it comes just a couple of weeks after Arizona woman Susanne Eman unveiled her 728-pound frame to the world, and said she planned on beating Simpson to the coveted 1,000 pound milestone.

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