All Religions Must Find A New Way To Honor The Dead.



With the high cost of a funeral today along  that the funeral parlors rakes the bereaved over the coals in their most vulnerable time its high time that All Established Religions find a new way to honor the deceased.
Perhaps organ donor ship or an  inexpensive cremation,  Most funerals are frauds anyway ..
The funeral home gets  you a Rabbi  or Minister who never saw  or knows the family from Adam.The clergyman for hire then meets with the family members  for 10 minutes and then spins a story as if he went through the war and grew up  with the deceased …what Chutzpah ! It’s phony and not worth $15000 to $20,000 dollars. 

A new Ideas Below

 If you ask me it’s not worth a plug nickel to have a fake show such as that.
Sad to say that  the mourners in their time of  bereavement that this sham is being perpetrated upon them. I would only describe it as a Shanda.
Somebody told us that their grandfather who was born in Warsaw Poland in 1893 said that the mourners used to wrap the deceased in a sheet and put one wooden board underneath and on top and that was all that was it when it came to a burial. We should honor the dead not the funeral home owners
                    Another Novel Way To Avoid  a Traditional Funeral

We would personally rather be made into Solent Green than have my family bring me to todays funeral parlors or bury me in a cardboard box. It makes absolutely no difference because In a month the acid content of the soil plus the cemetery rats and bugs will eat through any expensive coffin finish. You better believe it that  in less than 30 days a $20,000  casket with an expensive hand rubbed fine lacquer finish will be totally indistinguishable from that of a $2.00 orange crate.
Does any body in the right mind believe that after the funeral party leaves the cemetery that some scrupulousness grave-diggers are going not dig up that high-priced coffin and not sell it back another funeral parlor ? Guess what ? That is exactly what’s going to happen..and replace your deceased loved one’s corpse in that $2.00 orange crate.You can bet your house on that !
Don’t  be bit surprised if your loved ones organs also  wind up getting removed as well..There is also a good possibility that they were already removed or as they say “Harvested”  earlier by the funeral home  who most likely was working with someone on the inside from the hospital.
       Freeze Dried Method

By the way the lease on a grave plot in any Jewish cemetery is only for 75 years.After that they plant someone new in your spot.Besides just tell me how many of  deceased relatives or ancestor’s from 75 years back do you or anyone else  in your family even remotely knows or has any recollection of ? 
  1. Unscrupulous Funeral Homes May Be … – The Lerman ReportImage result for hand pointing picture

Soilent Green Is Made Out Of People! Click Above



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