Jewish Funeral Homes and Cemeteries Have become Strictly a Business And of Non Jewish Ownership.


Don’t get us wrong and this is in no way a Bigoted opinion but We say that a Jewish funeral director should be a Jewish Functionary plain and Read On….
Someone related this story to us hen his Father died.He had his body sent to a Jewish Funeral home(which name I shall omit for this segment).However just ask anyone who had the unfortunate task of burying a loved  will tell you what I write is the truth so help me G-D.
He wanted an open casket however the funeral director  was preaching and lecturing to them quoting Jewish law saying its forbidden.He insisted and eventually got his way. When it came to sign the contract he noticed that the funeral directors name was Nunzio. He gave it to him “How dare you lecture Jewish law to me” that my friends is the gist of it.
He also made me promise to his father to make sure that he would bury him with his dentures.. He brought his dentures to the Funeral Parlor..His wish was turned down by the director.The Director once again attempted to.give me a a lesson in Jewish Law.
“He can’t be buried in it.” He demanded to know why not?.It seems or trend of thought concerning  that rule does not apply to dental caps and implants as well as a defibrillator… shunt or metal pins and rods..How come the deceased are permitted to be buried with those items  but not with False Teeth I asked ? Apparently the Rabbi’s of today are making up their own rules.When he questioned the Undertaker on this matter he sat there a made himself totally Putsavota.
Hence  the funeral home did no allow an Orthodox Rabbi to officiate at his Fathers Funeral Service.
Today all of the Funeral Parlors are owned by private non-Jewish concerns  & maybe keeping original family around as a greater Ala Mickey Mantle and Willy Mays was at Atlantic City.If the original Jewish Owners are there  perhaps they own 1/1 0th of the business today at the most. Sad to report that his is also the way it is in non-Jewish parlors such as Catholic.. Protestant etc. original family ownership no longer exists like the funeral homes as in the past.How did the Board of Rabbis let this happen?
Where was the Board of Rabbis as these concerns were buying out each and every Jewish funeral parlor and cemetery.
We say that a Jewish funeral director should be a Jewish Functionary plain and simple.Many Rabbis have a connection of sorts with these parlors and receive work from them such as performing a funeral services so there’s no outcry from the Jewish Clergy . Now you know why Jews must find a new way to honor the dead…and that’s the way it is folks.


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