U.S. Should Emulate Saudi Arabia And Not Permit Any Mosque At WTC Site Just Like Saudi Arabia Ban on Churches and Synagogues

Saudi Arabia capital to the

Islamic faith will not allow other houses of Worship in their country  , In operation desert storm they laid down the law to The U.S.that their troops can not have non Islamic services an no display of Any other religious symbols allowed , even thou we were protecting them from an onslaught by Saddam Hussein . Why should we allow a Mosque to be built by Ground Zero? Governor Patterson of N.Y.  State  offered An alternative Parcel of .Y. State owned land  as a replacement , they refused , there objective seems to be to provoke . The land mark commitee is all or most Bloomberg appointees and the vote wasn’t in the publics  best interest, If this Mosque is ever built at this WTC site do you have any idea of the security cost that the N.Y.P.D will have to go through ? It will be a very expensive non ending security nightmare, that will never end . The mayor and the Governor should step in now and cancel the authorized permits from this site now from  that perspective alone…end

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