Bloomberg Makes Big Mistake Not Vetoing Mosque at WTC Periphery

In our opinion The Land mark committee and Mayor Bloomberg  made a major blunder and error to many New Yorkers and Americans by not getting  vetoing the Proposed Mosque should built int near area of Ground Zero off the Agenda. We at The Lerman Report believe that it don’t belong there should be built somewhere else and not anywhere near the perifery of the WYC Ground’s. It remains a shame a slap in the face of all the first responders and workers at the WTC that lost there lives there. The mayor may be trying to curry favor with new voters of middle Eastern decent perhaps we don’t know if that true .but he will lose many old time ethnic voters of New Yorks past.
The  family’s of first responders who gave their lives protecting the city at the WTC catastrophy when it was Target of a terroritsts attack on 911 cry out for a different location of the Proposed Mosque.

lerman (1)


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