Lazio kisses Goodbye Any Jewish Vote in N.Y. Election

              Lazio  by his push against Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy , Thou Not Anti Semitic none the less will not sit well among  Jewish Voters in the state .  Most Jews in N.Y. state are register’s Democrat so Levy ‘s chances  for a primary win  are slim. Lazio can only be a spoiler . in N.Y . without the massive Jewish voting block his  election efforts are doomed ,  Lazio  will win in the primary ,  but most properly but will be handed  a big defeat in the polls  in the General Election for  ruining it for a Jewish Politician among Jewish Voters  it will send Levy to the showers for good , a big mistake  for him to switch party’s  he shoulds have took his chance s against Andrew  Coumo as a democrat .. to Late now

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