Don Lerman”s Picks For Go Go Curry Final

1st BigWillTheChamp

2nd Pete Czerwinski

3rd Joe Manchetti

4thPaul Arcaria

5thBrian Kenny Pham

Sabre Dance – Aram Khachaturianclick to hear

It is a distinct advantage  in my opinion to have the first 3 best times for the seating , if you score lower you may have a high stool at the counter in the back and there is no standing up in the contest. I haven’t seen Pete in a contest yet  but I went against Will, in 5 mim 55sec he will be  a wreaking machine, when the contest starts , your going to see an eating frenzy the likes you may only have seen at the shark tank at feeding at the Aquarium and I caution the general public. please do not attempt this at home for its for the trained gourmond only!

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