U.S. Synagogues Must Put American Jewish Religious Education Above All In Fundraising


 To days  American Synagogues are way to expensive for the average family, today’s  synagogue must cut all charitable donations to put Jewish education utmost and first for American Jews. Rabbis must work for less  Cantors must work for less .and no more money to Rabbinical organization so someone can take a sabbatical at the congregation expense, Hebrew should be taught not   merely to read it phonetically but as a living language,and  Jewish Centers  should take  a lesson from Greek and Chinese Americans which run  Greek and Chinese  school for American born of their ethic group , they learn it as a fully understandable spoken language ,not something mumbled at the speed of light in Services that nobody understands one iota whats being said. . If this is not done within the next decade   all may be lost visa vie American Jewry


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