U.S. Synagogues Must Put American Jewish Religious Education Above All

Pictured Above Moses Lerman

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   Today’s American Synagogues are way to expensive for the average family to afford. If today’s Synagogue intend to survive they must cut back the amount of all charitable donations that they distribute & start placing Jewish education first and utmost for American Jews. 
1.Rabbis must work for less.Stop paying  them those huge six figure salary’s plus a house to live in & with all expenses paid.In addition any work that the Rabbi performs outside of his employ at the Shull such as an Unveiling ..Funeral..or Wedding he should work on a split fee basic and his congregation should receive half of whatever money that he earned from such hirings.


2.Since the Rabbi earns a  nice most generous salary then he should pay for his own living expenses like every other worker..


3.Cantor’s also must work for less. As right now on the High Holidays many Cantor’s get paid more than Sinatra did when he headlined at the Sands in Vegas .Keep in mind that the synagogue  exists for the congregation to gather and pray and not for the Rabbi or Chazzan to earn a living.


4.Further lets put an end to all funds  given to Rabbinical organization so someone who claims to be a frummer Jew can take a sabbatical and so they can sit on his Tochus for a few years at the congregation expense.


5.Hebrew should be taught not merely to read it phonetically but as a living language.Jewish Centers  should take a lesson from Greek and Chinese Americans which run  Greek and Chinese  school for  those American born of their ethic group . They learn it as fully understandable spoken language as if they were raised abroad & not something mumbled at the speed of light in Services that nobody understands one iota what is  being said.


6.Except any one from whether born from a Jewish  Mother or Jewish Father into the Jewish Fold . Acceptance from a Jewish Mother is not Torah Based.In Judea Roman soldiers took liberty’s with Jewish Woman sometimes against their will…hence there was a question regarding the status of any offspring of this union.Rabbi’s of that time decreed that any children born if this union are to be considered to be 100% Jews and not illegitament .Kariates consider Paternal desencion when determining  the child’s status.Time to change all this..

If this is not done within the next decade all may be lost visa vie American Jewry.


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