Tip Of The Day …Don’t Tip in a Restuarant , Then Get Ready for Spit Soup


My old adage ” The Tip is nothing more than intimidation” You tip a Barber so he don’t mess you up, you tip a super , so god forbid you have a flood he shows up. don’t tip enough or at all when you go out to eat the next time you get spit soup or steak Ala flatulence, In our time rest assured we all had our share of spit soup. You better believe it.!
I went to a Chinese buffet with a friend to Eat Chicken Wings.
After Having about 75 wings a peice the Chinese buffet informed us that we had all the wings he intends to let us have  & we complained loudly.
We got the wings but got sick .Everyone in the back probably cleared their throat in our food.We got so sick that we took anti biotics that could have cured leporcy and it didn’t help us one bit.

Remember this  isn’t a waiter or kitchen help or chef that hasn’t spit in food, its a long standing restaurant tradition. Remember the waiter is the last one to handle your food tip so well  and at a buffet don’t overstay your welcome ..end


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