Tip Of he Day…A Word To The Wise Don’t Ever Sit By a Window Seat When at a Restuarant

guy-picking-noseThe year was 1959 I was 10 years old and I just finished having a meal at Grabsteins Kosher Deli in Canarsie Brooklyn. As I exited the restaurant I couldn’t help notice a family of 4 having lunch by the window seat in the restaurant.

I was already outside at the time near the window, a thought quickly raced in my mind. I  tapped the window and when I got everyone’s attention I quickly picked my nose and shimmered it on the window ruining the families meal. The Husband started yelling and threw his hands up in disgust as the waiter came out with a rag to clean the window. I ran away fast..To this day I will never sit by a window seat in a restaurant for that reason 



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