Don’t Be Suprised if Each & Every Elected Republican Will Line up With Trump

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       Listen up ..Whether you voted for Trump or not. We said this all during the campaign that every  Republican holding office will support him once he gets elected. We would’nt be one bit surprised if when they were in the voting booth that they pulled his lever. Believe us when We tell you  that all the bluster that everyone heard during the campaign was just politicaly correct posturing..nothing more.
The real name of the game is Jobs  & Contracts  not policy with the politicians. We would venture to say that it is 80% plumb Politicaly connected jobs & that will include those most sort after Lucrative Gov’t Contracts & just 20% policy.  Thou We will step foward & say thats not the case with all elected  Politicians,We still have some real dedicated Loyal  Patriotic Americans holding office today.
The Top Echelon Cabinet postions are Small Potatoes in the handing out government conected jobs .What where  talking about  is Tens of thousands of politicaly appointed jobs from  low to mid level positions & let us not forget those most sort after luctative Gov’t Contracts that is why each & every sitting elected  Republican will get in line with Trump.
Policy is basicaly not what they are concerned with. You can be rest assured that they will play the public like a fine violin with hot button issues such as Abortion &  Middle East  and more..but make no mistake about it without the all the available  Jobs and Contacts the halls of The Senate and Congress would have an abundant of vacancies./end


Exxon Chief Taped for Secretary of State Alarms Motorists..

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       The newly Trump pick for Secretary of State  has set up a red flag to many motorists throughout the nation..While Trump kept his cards close to his chest on this pick..One  many are saddened that Guilliani was somehow passed over for the slot..Were not sure if Guilliani  jumped or was  pushed but both him & Ambassador Bolton somehow were shown the door.
        We just saw  Opec lowering  oil production that alone is going to take a big toll at the pump..
         This exxon top executive scares drivers even more.many motorist believe that Big Oil was part & parcial to  the oil hike few years back when gas Prices soared to nearly  $5.00 a gallon at the pump. We are aware that there is a GOP majority in the Senate but we’d  nonetheless like to hear this be brought up at that Rex Tellerson conformation hearing and have his feet held to the fire so to speak on thus issue. We believe that his approval is not in the  nations best interest,the  oil hike a few years back recked  havoc on our economy many Americans lost their  cushion if comfortably abd never recovered their financial loss and cant rusk 1 -2 punch of another  oil hike..Sorry but our homeowners dont want to choose between heating their homes and feeding their families again.
       Bottom line  Rex Tellerson’s choice nit a good one, lets see if our Senaters will do the right thing & nix his conformation. Just like the Bannon connection to Trump all during the campaign and the Press feined ignorance right after the elction votes were tallied…you mean to tell us that all the mainstream media  new nothing about Tellerson?
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Whoever Heads The Veterans Administration…Don’t Hold Your Breath For Any change

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     Sarah Palin has been tapped by Donald Trump to head the VA. The outcry of disaproval is loud and clear, but let us tell everyone the Facts of Life. While we all heard the old expression “a new broom sweeps  clean “We would bet our bottom  dollar  it’s  not going to happen. First off The top Escalon  are all  the high level and mid level employees most likely are not going anywhere they will most likely be kept around as not  to loose the time in for their pensions & will continue on the VA’s Employ untill they put in for their retirement papers. Secondly  no lower level workers will see a pink slip.They are either Political Appointees or  Union & its harder than pulling teeth to send them to the Unemployment  line..Gone are the days of Ronald Reagan along with the AirTraffic Controller  firing just not going to happen in 2017.

Thirdly the VA lures  Doctors and Nurses  to work for them with huge sign on bonuses and the VA is not going to throw way their investment.  Lets clue in  all the workers in the VA’s employ..The VA does not exsist so the workers an make a living but to serve the Veteran..thats all.


You Tell Me That Non Of The Mainstream Press Knew That Steve Bannon Was In The Forfront Of Trump’s Campaign?

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    We often find it a bit unbelievable when the day after the election that you first  hear about  Who will be White House  Cheif of Staff, or in this case  that the press  knew nothing of Steve Bannon’s top involvement & slated to be  Trumps right hand man.We don’t  by that for one minute. Not one press agency  or reporter  neither print or  broadcast ever made mention of this.. Someone known  for leaning & supporting White Supremacy & it was  hushed up? Trump was supposed to clean up the Swamp of Washington DC..looks like he bullshited his voting base and is now  either softening  or reneging  on his campaign promises only one day aftet the election. While where not fans of  Chris Chriti with  Bridgegate looming over him & The 23 cents a gallon  Gasoline  increace in Jersey, But after  Christi lended his support  all through the campaign to sort if drop him like a hot potato  because  Christi prosecuted  Trump’s son in laws tell me that Trump was of aware of that situation  at day one ?    The first 100 days in office is supposed to be a Honeymoon peroid with the press looks like there’s realy no need for a “Honeymoon’  since it just about appears that the press was inbed with him all along.

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Who in Their Right Mind Thinks Congress Will Reform Itself… HA HA HA

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Does any one think in their right mind that congress will reform  and police themselves.. It ain’t  gonna  happen. It irkes me too that these  old cadavers  can still roam the halls of Congress &the Senate untill the day they  die.They have plenty of pull as long time incumbants they  pull  the strings in their party & stay in office.The only way  that it will ever cease  is  we have something such as  Military  intervention such ad General  El  Sissi pulled off in Egpyt.We dont want to go down that road nobody  does,but reform themselves..don’t make me laugh!


Don’t Watcht Reruns of Hogan’s Heros


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  •  DON”T WATCH RERUNS of HOGANS Heros Its downright insulting to our men and woman who served in the Armed Forces and were POW”S.When you see the old T.V. series Hogan’ s Heros  staring Bob Crane ,Richard Dawson  amoung others.It paints a false picture of all fun and games for the POW’S a great time of fun and comaraderie..This is the furthest from the truth for a WW11 German POW Camp inside a German Stalig or The Hanoi Hilton or for the poor souls who endored the Batan Death March of WW11 who were led to a Japanese  POW camp.  I personaly had an Uncle who was an American  seviceman  captured in North Africa by Romels invading Army and sent to a German Stalig. The beatings  the Torture,the stuff that went  there that we  can’t even begin to print here. There was even a POW WW11 movie staring Peter Graves,Harvey Lembrick & William  Holden..not as much  different in portraying a false image of the reality of a POW camp ..once again it was all  fun &games in Pow camp just like as  The Hogan’s Heroes T.V.Show .
  •  Whenever you see a War movie and you see the soldiers wearing offical U.S. Army uniforms or even refering to themselves as U.S Army, even the post Office in offical Post office attire along with asured it has the complete  blessing & approval of UNCLE SAM.. In other words perhaps our government wants this image  to be  shown as to soften what is the true reality of war ,I saw many 3 stooges clips and the U.S.Army didn’t  aprove of their portrayal of The Army &they wore non official  uniforms&  badges the ..DO NOT FEED INTO THIS DESPITION DONT WATCH IT WHEN ITS IN SYNDICATION &REFRAIN FROM BUYING ANYTHING THAT THE SPONCER SELLS.

After Careful Thought.. I will Sit Out The Presidential Election

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trump-crude-remarkImage result for animated updated sign After careful Thought I will Sit Out The Presidential Election .When I see that Trump  Sent out a Tweet wih a Star of  David On a negative Tweet concerning  Hillary, I can no longer in good concsience support him any longer..I keep asking myself maybe it was a sherrifs Star or perhaps some aid was handling his tweets and he wasnt on top of it , But as of right  now I’m done with him. I know His daughter Converted to Judaism and his grandson is Jewish ..No excuse,I let  a lot of  things go…the wall with Mexico ,the imitation of the reporter with a handycap,the prisonersof war  remark,the remark on veterans  returning with PST,but his latest   crude remark caught  on tape from 5 years  ago was the straw that broke the camels  back.

   I’m no fan of Hillay Clinton , I will no longer voter on the Democratic party line..I feel that they reek of Anti Semitism by their past and present actions Whats sad is that neither the left or the right is courting the once saught Jewish Vote as they once did in the past .The Jewish voting block of old has shrunk due to intertermariage and  the younger Jews who Don’t grasp the  old Jewish  way of thinking concerning Politics,and have some liberal ideals that aren’t in concert with supporting Jews and Isreal… Unless Trump makes some sort of Mia culpa about  these crude remarks that  he was caught on a tape by Billy Bush  and find it  exceptableexceptable  & satisfactory  Iwont support him and will sit out  the  election ..Don Lerman

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Brit Exit From E.U. ..Hip Hip Horray !

Rule Britannia (With lyric annotations)Light Orchid


 Related image   It’s about time a major Euroupean nation took a bold step and voted to exit the the E.U.

Open borders ? What were they ever thinking when they impelemented that ? Now Britian will once agan regain its sovereignty as a free nation, Speaker Ryan when asked what he felt concerning the British exit vote from the E.U,…He replies”T he British electorate has spoken and he respects thier vote”,but when it comes tp the Trump republican vote he has issues with it strange  , on one hand respects British Voters but not American ones , how bizzare>

 We at the Lerman Report are in favor of the succession vote, Just look at what open Border policy has done for Britain a well as a nose dive in their economy, We highly appauade thias move /end



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Republicans Signed A pledge To Support Winner..Guess What ” They Lied”‘


 Related image     Republicans Signed A pledge To Support the primary Winner..Guess What? ” They Lied”‘ and now show that they are a party with out honor. Trump won fair and square,he beat a field concisting of 17 canidates and put away each one one by one ,an now deserves the party’s endorsement. For Speaker of the House Ryan to say that he is not in his corner  is pathetic, for Mit Romney who saught and recieved a larger donation fromtrump when he ran for President to now turn on him ,is nothing short of a charactor flaw ..both men are empty suits ,how they got this far in politics is beyond me .This  non support is unpresidented in modern polticts .

   Whats really going on is that they are extremely  upset that a political  outsider to clinched the nomination it doesn’t sit well with the republican heirarchy. If trump with his miillions can’t secure the party’s support to run for president then what chance does an average Joe have to run for office with little money ?..answer..none

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