Terrorism Should Never Be Give A Bye

   Nobody ..No Government ..No World Leader…No Head of any Religious Organization should ever turn their backs and look the other way to Terrorism.By doing so it outright implies that “The End Jusifies the Means”.Once a group commits any form of Terrorism we at The Lerman Report Editorial Board feels that  it Automatically Disqualifies them from any and all Consideration for their Cause.


The Tunnells from Gaza into Israel was built strictly to murder Israeli’s while they lie asleep.. ..unexceptable.Suicide bombers in the market place... unexceptable .. some deranged fanatical zealot stabbing Jews in public places… unexceptable and those who targeted  and murdered Oympic Athelets... unexceptable…The sicko who  hacked up a couple of right in front their children as they where about to sit down for their Sabbath Dinner..unexceptable. The targeting of Kindergarden Children to murder to garnish support  for their cause…unexceptable. The Palestinian Authority under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas condones all of this Terror and hands out Cash rewards to those who murder Jews…unexceptable..The naming of streets after those Terrorists who murder Jews…unexceptable. This is who the world is championing The Terrorists over their Victims ..unexceptable.
Where has the World”s Moral Compass gone? For to those movers and Shakers ,the Hollywood Stars and everyone else who stands up and sides with these Terrorists ..unexceprable.  Jewish life has now become meaningless and  has absolutly no value to them whatsoever.How can anyone in good conscience continue to take up the Palestinian cause once these henious acts were perpetrated and still look at themselves in the mirror?
Yes Automatic  Disqualification from hearing or accepting any aspect of anyones argument once they resort to these Barbaric acts of  Terror.

Gandhi and Martin Luther King preached peaceful protest not cutting someones throat in order achieve your objective.

How dare other nations and leaders pick up the Batton for the Palestinian Arabs and ignore  all the Jewish suffering..The Arabs can do no wrong  and the Jews must bend over and make concessions when they murder and maime ..no thats not how its going to be anymore.

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U.S. May Stop All Foriegn Aid To Countries That Voted Against American Interests



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Any nation that either voted for the UN. Resolition to Rescind Trumps recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital or even refrained abstained from voting (same thing) Uncle Sam Should cut them off cold of any and all U.S.aid .We at the at The Lerman Report Editorial Board will even further..no more imports of their goods from any of their nations  into U.S.Ports and no American should be allowed to travel their country (they could kiss their income from tourism goodbye). We excepted this from nations such as Iran or Turkey..but from India?..That was beyond shocking..After all the good will that Israel did for India and then they abstain and don’t support Israel is shameful .Israel rolled out the red carpet for India’s Narendra Modi Modwinds ..and  how does he Express his gratitude. he winds up giving Israel a “Putz In Tuchus.
For those nations that Israel sends relief aid  complete with  medical teams when Disaster Strikes along with all the technologically medical breakthroughs that Israel gives to the World  in the end dosen’t mean squat.
Where has the moral compass gone from all these nations? They choose to side  with and champion Terrorists over their  Victims.TheU.N. has become a sham a worthless piece of garbage where it has become open season and sport to crap on Israel by Jew hating  “Diplomats”who have an unheathy  obsession with Israel…They do nothing but bash her and waste our Earths oxygen supply.
Turkeys Erodgan said as a retort to Trumps  threat to stop aid that foreign policy can’t be bought..Does any one think for one second that these nations leaders voting against the U.S.and Israel did not have their palms shmearded? Hey Erdogan  please don’t preach right and wrong to The U.S. and Israel.Untill the day comes when Turkey restores Istambul to Constantinople we”d aprreciate  if you would just bud out.
When we witness Nations that never had any Jewish population ever in their nation spew such Anti Jewish Hatred We are sure that some cash is being passed  under the table somewhere at some point to someone..and that someone adds up to plenty…yes plenty of Nations leaders and diplomates.You better believe it..Those who took money to cast these votes at the U.N. have literally sold their soul to the Devil.
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Why Does Obama’s Speech Pattern’s Or Accent Sound As If He Grew Up In A Inner City of America? …

Nat King Cole – It’s Only A Paper Moon –Light Orchid
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In all eight years of Obama was President including  his  time stumping on the Presidential campaign trail I never once heard any news media outlet or any on line news  contributors bring this subject up. However as Editor and Blog Administrator I will do so… 
Obama was raised in Indonesia moved there at age 2 and then moved  to Hawaii in 1972. Yet when he talks you would swear he was raised in any American inner city. I am Brooklyn Boy born in the 1940’s..I left Brooklyn way back in the late 1960’s.I was a guest on National Radio in 2004.Someome  who was a co worker of mine in the late 60’s tuned in and heard me speak He immediatly reconized  my voice..My Brookkyn accent never changed one bit on all those 40 years of being away from my hometown.
Thats my point..why did Obama’s accent and speech pattern’s change?I think when he spoke as a Politician he puts on this fake inner city style of speech.While I’m not raising the “Birther”issue… one has to walk away scratching his head in puzzelment…Why  did no body pick up on this before?
Al Gore is another Politician doing more or less of the same.When he’s  up North..he speaks in his best Harvard stlye English …but when he’s below the Mason Dixon line down South..If you shut your eyes you”d be hard pressed to he able to tell him apart from  that of Andy Griffith.Ask any Proffesor of language they will concure with me 100%…Is their speech patterns and accent contribed for the camera’s? I think so..what about you?

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A Lerman Report Exclusive… Are T.V. Networks & Commercials Subliminaly Pushing The Palestinian Agenda?

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You be the Judge ..We posted these 3 pictures from current T.V.commercials.The first one depicting a school teacher in a class room hosting a box from Progressive Insurance the 2nd of a manager at a Dairy Queen 3rd and finally a commercial from a TJ Max in which a woman making what it appears to be making an imaginary frame around her face in a cute fashion taking place at the conclusion of that commercial.
All these commercial spots are attempting to manipulate your feelings thoughts & perceptions of some people of  the several million immigrants of Arab decent who are slated to arrive soon on our shores
They look to be of  Middle Eastern origin though the actors themselves may be a different ethnic backgrounds..but its definite that they are not Swedish. The producers intent obviously is to make it appear as if  they of Middle Eastern background. The actors  in these commercials  present appear non threatening and  likeable folks.This is paramount to behavior modification.
We at the Lerman Report know this to be true..We were tipped off and told of this on the QT by confidential sources from within the Advertising Industry on the condition that we neither reveal their names or the firm in which employes them.

 We are left with no choice but conclude this is 100% Factual because we  are now witnessing the Palestinian or Hamas keffiyeh (scarf) a checkerboard type pattern making many appearances on the scene.They are being slipped into Magazine Ads as well as T.V. Commercials. We spotted many Commercials in which the keffiyeh Pattern makes its appearance in a very nonchalant manner such as Shirts Cuffs,a Baseball Cap worn backwards showing a distinct Keffiyeh Pattern placed cleverly on the inside of the Cap’s Brim plus  not to be out done but an awful lot of Keffiyeh style scarves being worn by actors in  many commercials .Even a men’s jackets are not immune from this onslaught of pushing some sort of agenda as we now see Mens  Jackets are now being  sold with a keffiyeh Patterns  by none other than Niki.This onslaught of  subliminal  infusion of  pushing the keffiyeh may have been basically going on for quite some time unnoticed. What appears most disturbing is when we spot a  T.V. news reporters sporting an article of clothing of a similar fashion.The news outlets have to be aware of what their field and on air reporters are wearing if only for the mere appearance of imperpriorty.Who knows  with these charges of fake new going around perhaps they are even part and partial of this manipulation all together..

Watchout For Keffiyeh Paterns On Clothing… Beware This is What Advertisers  Really What Want You To Accept.     

We at The Lerman Report are compiling a list of all companies that have the Keffiyeh  incorporated (cleverly snuck in) within their commercials.When you see for yourself  what product manufacturers that  are part and partial to promoting this agenda .Then you decide if you want to  continue buy their items.So stand bye we will be posting each and every sponsors involved.
Remember when Angela Merkel had reservation about allowing in all the Muslim Immigrants to  settle in Germany and President Obama reassured her saying .”In Europe your on the right side of history” Pretty Scary if you that’s the fate that awaits us and the end of Western Judeo- Christian Culture as we know it today.This Nuvelle Philosophy of if  you can’t beat them then Join Them should never be an option.

                This is not by accident or hazardly..it’s downright deliberate..We’ve also spotted a crescent and quarter moon ornament (Islamic Symbol) placed on mobile type of display in the background on the hit show featuring small houses. Maybe it goes unnoticed except being registered subliminly..but it doesn’t fool The Lerman Report Staff..The commercial producers as well as many media outlets owes the T.V. viewing  public an explanation as to as why they are doing this

.                     CONCLUSION…

We at the Lerman Report would like to know is this some well healed plan being put forth to implement some sort of  selected Agenda? Keep an eye on the commercials and you”ll see for yourselves more of the same of what we just described.The proof is in the pudding
Is This what Advertising Agency’s Are  Attempting  to sacrificed  Judeo- Christian culture & Values For  ?
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Angela Merkel…Why Doesn’t She Listen to Her Electorate?

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   The German electorate cries out “no more Syrian refugges”.It all falls on deaf ears.. If  I were a betting man I might wonder  whether  if the elections are on the up & up . Perhaps  thats so & Merkel knows that she can’t lose at the ballot box. Why else would she plant the seeds for destroying her own country? A full audit of her and her immediate families finances are in order going back 5 years .When she expressed reservations and remorse about taking in the Syrian regugees I remember Obama telling her that your on the right side of history” Pretty scary if you ask me if thats the fate for civilazation as we know it.Well I’ll tell you this much The Press is manipulating this Syrian refugee story. While they constantly continue to show mothers holding babies and young children, absent from the cameras are the big strong strapping young men who should be staying behind and fighting for their country.. Those men are there they are right next to these women holding up their babies yet they are absent from the cameras.
Somethings not right with this situation about her stubenness and uncompromising ways concerning the Refugees and ignoring the wishes if those who put her in office..

Illegal Immigrants Or Non Citizen Green Card Holders Have No Right To Protest

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 Illegal Immigrants Or Non Citizen Green Card Holders Have absolutely no Right whatsoever To Protest.This is an exercise in disapproval of  Governmental policy that is strictly a constitutional  right for Citizens only.  Though registered Aliens have the right to Police Protection.. However protesting,voting and taking legal action in a civil suit not are accorded for those who are here illegally.Furthermore will go on to state that our Government is in 100% within the law to incarcerate them when they caught protesting.We spoke to many legal experts who assures us that by doing so to these individuals in no way that they be suffering from deprivation of rights..They are in essence no different from someone who steals your car.We wil say this for someone to be here illegally even as a sort of  a guest in our nation be it with  a Green card or Passport and goes on to protests Our Government..It takes has a big set and goes on to win  the trophy for first place in the prize known as disrespect. Any other country on Earth this lawbreaking would never be tolerated not one iota of a second..
Any protester found to be an undocumented  or even with a Green Card should be put on a the first plane available and sent packing … no and if or buts about it. It makes absolutely  no difference whatsoever if they hail from  our Southern  or Canadian Border or come in from any of our International Air Ports and over stay their Visa .To make matters worse at  each and every one of these current Daca protests you can see the Palestinian flag and BDS banners waving  freely. All of  these groups protesting there are making a mockery out of our laws .
To Many lives have been left on Normandy Beach, Iwo Jima  and The Ho Chi Minh Trail up to our present military conflicts to give this privilege away any  non citizens. Want to immigrate into the U.S.A. do it the right way ..get application from The U.S Embassy in your home land..wait in line..takes a Citizenship test..But if noncitizens and open borders mean nothing..Why serve in the armed forces? What nation can survive  under those conditions..answer:  none
California driver licenses given to 800,000 undocumented immigrantsLight Orchid
WIKILEAKS: Podesta Says It’s OK for Illegals to Vote With Driver’sLight Orchid

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Take Congressional Funded Studies With A Grain Of Salt..

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 Whenever you hear on the news that a study has been conducted for lets say for example  “The Dangers Of Eating  Meat  Thats Been Cooked Well Done Or Any Health Realted Issue…Its like Ripley’s ..believe it or not..The one conducting the study most proberly received a Federal grant to study it..These grants are known as Government” Pork Barrel” giveaways to influencial and well conected people.This shameful waste  of our tax dollar is equaly conducted on both sides of the isle by The both the Republicans and  Democratics.We would venture to say that it’s most likely that there isn’t one member of Member of either  Congress or the Senate That doesn’t engage in being part and parcial to Pork Barrel  grants are routinely tagged onto Congressional bills ..These grants can be anywhere in the range of $600,00 way up into million$ of dollar$ per grant..Many of these “Grant Studies” have not only been conducted before but many many times before yielding the exact same results. This may be the biggest waste of U.S.Tax Dollars yet ..Like We mentioned hundreds if not thousands of these type of grants are regularly  passsing muster through the halls of Congress yearly. So I don’t give much crediance whenever I hear advice from the people conducting these studies.So we at the Lerman Report urge everyone to call or write your representives and voice your displeasure and demand more Transparency on whats is include in Congressional Bills.
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Don’t Like Trump? Do Not Look To Overturn Trumps Election Results..


Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign    Democrats and people on the left want to attempt to overturn the Presidential election results. If  the election results get overturned that it will be the end of Democracy as we know it..A precedent will be set allowing overturning election results… Do not go down that route..If Trump  is found to have committed any malfeasance or anything illegal than Impeach him then indict him and then Jail him ..Just as it would be8 done with any corrupt office holder. But to overturn an Election? We are even hearing disgruntled voices yelling for a Military Coupe and a lot of this subversive talk is coming from well-known “A” List Celebrities no less..No active duty General is going to risk his enormous  Pension and the thought of spending his Golden Years in Levenworth..Anyone who cherishes  the thought of living in  nation where there are no elections and have Military Rule..Then We have good news for you..We hear that there are many homes available in North Korea and Cuba.We’d like to remind Everybody that We are not some Rinky Dink Banana Republic this is the U.S.A. & we live by the Election Results whether we like the outcome or not.

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Sad To Say That When It Comes To The Electorate Former Military Service Has No Value.

THIS IS THE ARMY –  Light Orchid

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 Whether your a fan of John Mc Cains politics or not that’s not the point of this post …I decided to write this story because it was reported yesterday that Senator John Mc Cain has been  diagnosed with Brain cancer.I had an Uncle who was an American Serviceman Prisoner of war in WWII and spent time in one of the infamous German Stalag’s .. It was no walk in the  park & nothing like the old T.V. Show Hogan”s Hero’s. John Mc Cain was a Navy Pilot who was shot  down in Vietnam…His arms were broken in the ejection fall from his aircraft ..His father John Mc Cain Sr. was a  current serving Big Time U.S.Navy Admiral  and because of that fact The North Vietnamese were willing him release him and  return him  home to the U.S.   However John Mc Cain wanted no special treatment that wasn’t accorded any other POW and declined the offer and stayed on as a POW..His  arms were never tended to properly and it never healed right leaving  him limited  motion from that point on .As a POW he lived in what became to be known as “The Hanoi Hilton” …his accommodations remain among the most deplorable conditions you ever saw ..POW “s were often crated like dogs.
Any Former military  Service is by no means any Barometer of political qualification to fill an  elected  government office.What I’m trying to convey is today it means Zilch, Nada..Bubiks. So after 50 years of no military Draft  Being a Veteran when running for office  has become  nothing to be either honored or looked up to and of no value at the ballot box not even a  veteran whose exploits rival that of a Sgt. York or an Audy Murphy ../end
Don’t watch Reruns of Hogan’s Hero’s « The Lerman Report®Light Orchid

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