Demand To Know Just How Much Wasteful Pork Barrel Giveaway Is Included In This Covid Releif Bill

                A Work In Progress


Only A Measly $600 Covid Before And An Additional $1,400   Releif Slated To Every Citizen Across America..Demand That We All See Just How Much Wasteful Pork Barrel Giveways  Are included In This Bill….
A Work In Progress
.By Days End We Will Update On Exactly Just How Much Pork Is In This Bill..and Most Of It Is Non Covid Related..Looks Like Democrats Gave Away The Store…

       Pork In Current Bill/ Shame On Our Legislators

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Below is Last Covid Releif Bill Pork

Take A look below..

Just how much of Republican pork will be in this Bill that certain Republicans are going along with..hmm?

From a previous post..

Where Is The Rent Forgiveness? Renters Who Rent For Both Residential And Business Still Must Shell Out The Monthly Rent Bill Business’s That Are Renting Office Space In Buildings They Must Continue To Pay Rent Yet They Can Not Have Their Workers Enter The Buildings .Beyond Shameful  And The Ultimate Slap In The Face For Those Who Want To Forfilled The American Dream As Well As Put Food On Their Table..


We just got word that the Palestinian Authority will receive some of that stimulus money.$250 Million Why ?So that they can use it for their slay for pay policy? The Airline Industry makes out like Bandits Although they remained open and made a plenty they will still  get a Big Birthday present. However Industry’s such as Gyms and Restaurants who remained shut all during this pandemic will get squat.Yet average Jane and Joe will receive $600 all at their expense.  Don’t everyone love Congress! 

*The Palestinian aid was pushed by Reps. Nita Lowey (D-NY) and Jeff Fortenberry (R-Neb.) and Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Chris Coons (D-Del.).

When a bill is passed it ‘s not a thin 2 page booklet but a  big thick publication like Ala Websters dictionary.There are a total of 535 Members of Congress. 100 serve in the U.S. Senate and 435 serve in the U.S. House of Representatives..Each And Every Legislator On The,Hill Acrooss The Isle Both The Democrats And The Republicans  Have Their  hands In The  Barrel  So That The Well Connected Individuals And Business Receive Big Cash For Grants From The Ridiculous To The Sublime .Such Crazy Cash Giveways Given For Study’s A Mundane As The Mating Habits Of Snail..Even When Studies For The Exact Same Thing..This Money Still Gets Given Towards These Grants Can Be As Much As,$250.000 Up To to Millions These Grants Are Small Potatoes  Compared To Much Large Cash Giveaways ..By The Way  They Are Grants And Don’t Have To Be Paid Back.This Is Why The Bill To So Long To  Get Passed Into Law.
However Mr &Mrs  John And Jane Doe Will Get Only $600.Ha!

Looks Like Joe And Jane America Was Sold Out  By Our Legislators For Their  Special Pet Projects

Pork in New Bill…..

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Trump Call ls On Congress To Amend Bill

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Pompeo Great Secretary Of State Getting Virtualy No Media Coverage Of His Great Acomplshments




Listen Up Mr.New Secretary Of State The Dead Jewish Souls Whose lives Were Cut Short Due ToPalestinian Terrorism Cries Out Not To Capitulate On Any Peace Deal & Have A their Deaths Be In Vane

Secretary of State Pompeo Acomplshments went unheralded by the major media outlets.
There Was Virtualy Nothing On The Evening News About The Peace That They Brokered Between Israel Her Many Arab Nations.
The Lines From Arab Nations Waiting To Sign Up For Peace With Israel Exceeds The Long Lines At Disneyland..
All Of Her Neighbors Will With The Exception For The Palestinian’s Who Are Lined Up To Sneek Into Israel Via A Dug Tunnel To Hack Up An Unexpectedly Israeli By Some Incouraged Terrorists Wanting Some Of That Pay For Slay Money..This Is Who You Champion?
Now Bidden’s Incoming Secretary of State Pick May Be Looking To Undo all of this fabulous work by talking to Abbas who Rewards Terrorists wlWhen They Kill Jews.
Biden Will Reinstate The Iran deal with Nation who is the biggest sponsor of state run Terrorism..Something is terribly  wrong with that..but we will wait and see if he undoes all the good that Pompeo & Jared Kushner Created.
We at Lerman Report Salutes  Pompeo and Kushner as he Did  What No Secretary of State Has Accomplished Or Even Wanted To Do..Make Peace and friendship Between Israel And Its Arab Neighbors.2 Previous Peace Deals  Were Made ..zboftom Line Thier Word Can No Linger Be Taken

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The Lerman Report Staff



Supreme Court Feigning To Be Unpolitical Did A Great Disservice To Democracy..





We are taken a back if not Shocked that most if not  Supreme Court Judges Nixed President Trump efforts to get justice in what us now being called the biggest steal of all time “The 2020 Presidential Election” .
Of The Supreme Court Justices every supporter of President Trump Got to be shocked  by Amy Coney Barrets & Bret Kavanaugh’s non support in the lawsuit by Texas that had asked the court to throw out the election results in four battleground states that President Trump lost in November..The Yiddish  language has a word  that describes the let down  ..lack of loyalty and  We call it to FAFERED.Some people will go even further and say that he got a big screwing but we will stick with the word FAFEARED .
Trump was FAFEARED by all the Supreme Court Justices  who by not wanting to chime in on politics in an invert way sided with Democrats Truth and Justice should  be always be non political.
Trump was FAFEARED.America may never  be the Democracy that  it once was. Once the Democrats start to dominate in the Senate Senator Schumer  already said that he will make more Supreme Court Judges.Looks  like the Democrats got  early Holiday  Gift from the Supreme Court ..If this is any example of the High Courts Descion making than maybe the Democrats  don’t have to pack the Court after all .



There Is No Reason To Reinstate The Iranian Nuclear Deal Except For The Well Connected To Curry Favor To Do Business There

There Is No Reason To Reinstate The Iranian Nuclear Deal Except For The Well Connected To Curry Favor To Do Business There. We’ve all seen the  massive underground nuclear facility in Iran when Obama signed off on this lop sided monstrosity  deal favoring  only Iran they was non compliant right from the get go in allowing  inspections  to take place.They can not be trusted one iota.

Business Insider /Present Iranian Underground Nuclear Facility Poised To Destroy Israel

Iran remains the biggest sponsor of state run Terrorism..They have their proxy army in place as we take pen to paper and write this post. There are most probably actual Iranian  troops in Lebanon  as well as Syria masquerading as Proxy soldiers as well.Reports us test Iran may have brought in military  hardware detected  into The Syrian periphery by means of commercial aircraft..

Hezbollah fighters In Lebanon

This is the  same unrelenting  non apologetic  regime  that captured our Marines and burn down our Embassy  back in 1979.

Al Arabiya English/ Iran’s militias in Syria don Syrian army uniforms to stay on | Al …

Ask your self why does sn Oil rich nation need nuclear  power plants  other than to have nuclear  bombs in their arsenal?

New Arab/One Of Many Iranian Oilfields

The Arab Nations getting on board to have Peace with Israel  have had it with Palestinian  intransigence  and Iranian muscle flexing in the Region. Remember President Obama saying

“I will veto an bad deal for the U.S.”? We also remember Obama saying “If You Like Your Doctor Than You Can Keep Your Doctor “!

We’ve already seen the press clippings of Ex Secretary of State John Kerry’s  son in law as player of sorts doing business  with Iran.

Trump was able to put the Genie back in the bottle  but a Bidden Administration will uncapped it for good.



America In Turmoil



We at The International Herold question if there is was any Covid Health Crisis to the degree that the Government  said that there was.
What a perfect way to sway and election on one party’s favor…Have An Election conducted under the veil of public health safety in the cover mail in ballots
We said this all along if you can make your way each week to your local  beverage store to get your  supply of beer or to your local wal -mart then you  can get your Kester over to a polling station once in four years.
We hear people saying If I only knew that Bidden planned on doing this I would  have not voted for him.My advice to those who share that thought is do yourself a favor during the next four years try watching some news on the T.V.other than the Price Is Right perhaps pick up a Newspaper  other than the Enquirer..


Bidden plans on killing the American Dream by punishing those who earn  over $400,000 a year..No one on America  should ever be made to apologize for success .We are not Cuba or North Korea .
It seems to us that Fox News has Morphed into CNN.James Murdoch’s wife Kathryn tweets ‘we did it!!!!’ and shares anti-Trump posts after Biden’s win – days after agreeing with CNN’s Jake Tapper that Fox News should disavow Trump’s election fraud claims.
We knew right away on Election Night that something  was askew on the Cable News Networks.  Now even Fox News has changed their tone as they now believe that  Bidden has won and there us no evidence voters fraud. We now hope that newcomers to social media such as Parlor and News Max  will become an honest brokers when presenting other opinions.
Now there may be no outlet for conservatives or opposition to voice any displeasure with  those in office. Social media  has consistently  taken down any conservative Posts that they feel doesn’t fit into their grand scope of what they determine their brand of community standards should be.


Now Bidden would like to Shut America Down for 4 to 6 weeks…That will only serve to help us achieve third world status. How much can the retailers take.We read reports that  nearly all of the national theme restaurants are preparing to permanently  close their doors..and mind you  these are owned by corporate giants…just how much can the mom and pop shopkeepers take.Middle Class Joe is Bidden likes to call him self these days
Now he is giving Unemployment to . low income workers and Small employers such as shop keeper and Restaurants can’t get help He opened the borders and has promised $450,000 to each Separated family members..


Get ready for D.C and Puerto Rico as brand States adding 2 more  stars to Old Glory all complete with 4 new fresh Democrat Senators .
Get ready four an expanded Supreme Court with at least 5 more Justices enough for the Democrats to pack the court to have decisions lean in their favor.
 Democrat now control l booth chambers of the house the Supreme Court and the White House thus creating a dictatorship of sorts.
We have no jobs for what citizen we have right now so why on Earth are we looking for more immigrant population ? Why you ask its because  the Democrat Party is looking to create a class of people permanently indebted  to them for handouts


Be prepared to have open borders and no longer a crime to enter the U.S.Illegaly.Get ready for massive immigration arriving from Arab and Muslim countries allowing Carte Blanche of Un Vetted number of immigrants to enter America  and receive our cornucopia  of Free Bees courtesy of the  Uncle  Sam.
Guess who will pay for all this? That’s right the working stiff.  These immigrants will get SSI ,Deluxe Medicade including Complete Dental coverage,
Child Care,Food Stamps a free apartment  for  6 years plus $1,800 relocation fee per person in their immediate  household.
Germany’s Angela Merkel expressed sorrow on permitting millions of Arab -Muslim’s enter her late that  destroyed Germany and Europe.
The German population as of right now work until 70 years of age for Germany’s Retirement  benefits..It is projected that they will  have to work untill the day that they die in order to foot the bill for all this mass immigration.
What are the Democrats really up to? To close down all  business and make  eventually make everyone dependent on the government.At this rate we will someday witness  the Army driving  around in deuce and a half trucks throwing food to the public as in the movie Soylent green.
A Step back in our Foreign Policy of Reinstating The Iran Deal. To The Biggest Sponsor Of State Terrorism Giving Iran Billions Of Dollars And A Gateway to a Nuclear Device.
Reopen The PLO Office In Washington and Jerusalem Thus Supporting Terrorists Over A Trusted Allie.This Is The Sad Reality Of A Bidden Presidency Heaven Help Us.

Synopsis After The Election


The Verge Com.



Half Of All Americans Are Collecting Some Sort Of Government Subsidy..The Other Half Work So Those Not Working So They Can Stay Home And Watch The Price Is Right.Made No Difference.


In The Final Annalists To Those Who Supported Bidden The Fact That Bidden’s Son Hunter And His No Show Jobs In Fields That He Had No Experience Made No difference.


The Fact That Bidden Was Given A Hands Off Approach By The Press Corps And That There May Have Been Voting Irregularities Made No. Made No Difference.


We At The Lerman Report Hope That When Votes Are Recounted It Tilts In Trumps Favor.The Fact That The Media Crowned The Next President.Made Difference.


Open Up Borders And Let Unlimited. Illegal Immigration Into America So The Democrat Party Can Create A Class Of People Permanently Dependant On Their Party Giving Immigrants SSI Medicade..Child Care..Food Stamps $1,800 Relocation Fee Per Family Member And A Paid Apartment For 3 years.Made No Difference.


Bidden Says He Will Make DC.&.Puerto Rico State Hood So The Democrat Party Can Have A Permanent Senate Majority.Made No Difference.


We At The Lerman Report Hope That When Votes Are Recounted It Tilts In Trumps Favor.Increase The Number Of Supreme Court Justices So The Democrats Can Pack The Court.Made No Difference.



Reinstate The Iran Deal. To The Biggest Sponsor Of State Terrorism Giving Iran Billions Of Dollars And A Gateway To An Atomic Bomb.Made No Difference


Reopen The PLO Office In Washington Thus Supporting Terrorists Over A Trusted Allie.Made No Difference.
This Is The Sad Reality Of A Bidden Presidency

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The Lerman Report Staff


The Entire Press Corps Throws Trump Under The Bus

Shame on the entire press corps..
They all just crowed Bidden king.It is not for the Press to declare any victory while there is a legal challenge underway to decide any illegality of the outcome..
James Murdoch’s wife tweets ‘we did it!’ and shares anti-Trump posts ..Read It Below..

For the Press to all of a sudden declare Bidden President elect is beyond shameful.
For Elected Republican. Office Holders to say that Trump should put on his big boy pants and accept defeat is disgusting.
As far as many are concerns Trump won the election and was screwed out of a clean victory.
Let all the Democrat party faithful hold off popping the Champaign cork untill the courts decide if there was mass malfeasance in the election.
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Let Drug Companies Fund Their Own Research



Pharmaceutical Companies have a sweet deal going the public funds the research with contributions and their profits are private.It’s just like that  with the Blood Banks you donate your blood and they sell your blood for profit.What a scam!
When they come out with a Cancer or Lung related Drug for example the public pays threw the nose and you won’t see a generic for 20 years. We say don’t give them a plug nickel. Let them fund their own research and don’t worry as they most certainly will…why? Because it’s still in their interest.. but as it stands now why should they? The public is nothing but a bunch of  Schmucks to let them get away with that.
They are laughing all the way to the bank .They have more money than Entire Oil Cartel. Think about it for a moment “Oil runs around  $ 52 a Barrel with other costs such as fractional distillation add  additional $25 a barrel while just  one bottle of pills such as AZT (for aids) or an Organ Anti Rejection Drug  can run around $30,000 a month” ..and here is the kicker “Both of those 2 Drugs just described proberly cost them no more to produce than a Dollar bottle of Aspirin.Wake up America  and see the picture for what it is…end

Drug Research (journal) – Wikip

Stop the Epipen Price Gouging – Petition2Congress
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New Liberals Turned Into A Radical Unpromising Bunch Of Haters

Now anytime a group is dissatisfied with something a thet gave to do is threaten to riot and burn down the city.That is paramount  to 0% input and 100%% capitulation.

Todays new Liberal shares absolutely nothing with those of the past. They have become a bigoted hater par excellence.

In trying to be fair and do the right thing our elected officials gave away the store and created a monster.These new radical energized liberals who became beneficiaries to the giveaways.

We no longer care one iota about anyone opinion that fails to go longer 100% with their bizarre one sided agenda..

We now see BLM and their cohorts Antifa Leaders supporting the violence and looting.They say its payback for the ills of society and the straws that they drew in the overall picture that followed their ancestors lot  as slaves.They make no apologies an attempt to quell the rioting looters but just there stand on the side lines as a cheerleader fanning the flames as business’s burn down to the ground with every item looted and what can’t be carried away or gets graffitied up or smashed up.This is what happened when you give on group special status such as Affirmative action to one group by taking away any sacrificing  another group.Now you can no longer put the Genie back in the bottle.

The Mayors and Governors should never tie the Police hands behind their backs by ordering them to stand down during a riot..See the new finished products of the bleeding heart liberal.

Trump Didn’t Drain The Swamp Enough

Trump Didn’t Drain The Swamp Enough..What should have did on day one of his Presidency is immediately give out pink slips to every Democrat Political appointee.. This Is The Crux Of Why Federal Agency’s Did Not Back Him Up With The Irregularities In The Election. 
When We say everyone we mean every both Mid level, Upper Echelon and low level appointees should have been given the axe from day one of his tenure in the white house.
Gone are days when a President can fire an entire department like Ronald Reagan did with the striking  air traffic controllers..Everyone today has some sort of political connection from the top man down to the janitor at each perspective agency departments.Civil Servants If they don’t get a Politician’s push would be wait listed  and never feed t at Uncle Sam’s Through. Each Administration Lets the the top and mid echelon stay around to get more time in for their pensions.Even the lowly custodian if they don’t know a politician get wait listed and die ln their civil service list.
While Trump should have fired all appointees both Republican and Democrat what he left unscathed is a cornucopia of non Trump Supporters.
Trump should have gone in like Gang Busters Democrat and Fire all former appointed personnel .Just look at the Justice Dept and the. F.B.I.Comey debacle .His axe have a also fell on. hard on Republican appointees who are incompetent and forget that public service is to serve to public not to give them a job.


Basically little if anything has nothing changed in any of the big Federal Agency’s from the VA all the way up to the Pentagon
Mind you each and everyone serves at the pleasure of the President.The higher up Republicans in his administration were not loyal to him.
He apparently took very bad advice from someone.His new broom did not sweep clean.Today the mainstream GOP in the we Legislator both houses are ni ty in his corner.same thing will occur again if he’s elected…No loyalty and and constant media hounded till his term is up .
Let the voting public think Ron Desantis..he has the  party members in his corner..Think about What about We Just told you.
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