Voter Fraud In 2020 Will Be The Death Knell Of American Democracy

 Voter Fraud In 2020 Will Be The Death knell Of The American Democracy as we all know it.
California already doesn’t care if non citizens vote. FlorIda is now allowIng released Felons voting rights.It is said that in Texas illegals have been voting for Years and they amount to 25 % of the vote.Illegal aliens voting is paramount to the end of the  Once Great American Democracy.
You think Obama had an edge with the Acorn movement? It is nothing compared to what’ll occur in the  upcoming 2020 Presidential election.
If this will be the way the new radical liberal wing of the Democrat Party achieves office ..then say good-by to the American dream & Democracy as we know it.It will become a bastion of Jew haters White haters..Anti Christian crowd in office the likes that we never saw in this country before.

The Democrat Party used to be the Party of the working Man….now its the party of the Unworking Man.  Now the working stiffs taxes will go through the roof to pay for all the freebies that the illegal immigrants are  about to receive.

While the working taxpayer brings home a  smaller check every week … The non working illegals sit on their rear ends at home & watchs shows like The Price is Right.


The word is out.”Come to the U.S.and receivce a Cornucopia of Freebies  S.S.I. Medicade ..Child Care ..Food Stamps  Free College Education,$1,800 relocation fee per person in your family..and a Free Subsidized Apartment.They will recieve all of these Perks as The Democrat Party attempts to create a permanent class of voters to pull their lever while in the voting booth.

The non citizen whether they are illegals aliens or legal green card holders can not be allowed to vote..period! What is needed is strict voter ID an inked thumb print…..proper paper credentials..Background checks on all current voters as well.Whether there illegal or legal green card or vacationers with passports refusing to be repatriated to where they hailed from.Citizenship has a value and should respected.Voter fraud is paramount to open borders.


Normandy Beach 1945 …They lost their lives to preserve our Constitution &  American Values.

Do not take this subject lightly .To many lives have been left on Normandy Beach, Iwo Jima  and The Ho Chi Minh Trail up to our present military conflicts to give this privilege away any  non citizens. Want to immigrate into the U.S.A. do it the right way ..get application from The U.S Embassy in your home land..wait in line..takes a Citizenship test..But if noncitizens and open borders mean nothing..Why serve in the armed forces? No nation can survive under those conditions..


Voter Fraud:

•Double voting (ballot stuffing): One individual casts more than one ballot in the same electionImage result for hand pointing picture


  • Dead voters: The name of a deceased person remains on a state’s official list of registered voters and a living person fraudulently casts a ballot in that name.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • .Felon voter fraud: The casting of a ballot by a convicted felon who is not eligible to vote as a result of being a felon.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • Voter suppression: A variety of tactics aimed at lowering or suppressing the number of voters who might otherwise vote in a particular election.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • .Registration fraud: Filling out and submitting a voter registration card for a fictional person, or filling out a voter registration card with the name of a real person, but without that person’s consent, and forging his or her signature on the card.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • ..Voter impersonation: A person claims to be someone else when casting a vote.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • .Vote-buying: Agreements between voters and others to buy and sell votes, such as a candidate paying voters to vote for him or her.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • Fraud by election officials: Manipulation of ballots by officials administering the election, such as tossing out ballots or casting ballots in voters’ names.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • Ballot harvesting: A person requests a mail ballot for someone else or steals a mail ballot, then uses that ballot and forges the intended recipient’s signature. Also refers to filling out a ballot for someone else who has requested assistance in filling out a ballot, rather than assisting them. In some states, ballot harvesting refers to the legal practice of third-party collection of multiple absentee ballots for submission.Image result for hand pointing picture

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U.S. Exit From Syria A Deliberate Escape From Reginal Powder Keg Ready To Explode?

No Longer A Rag Tail Army But A Formidable Foe

Image result for extra news boy cartoon signWhat ‘s really going on in The Middle East?

Is war in the middle East eminent & about to break out?  Is this the real reason why Trump is  pulling U.S. troops out of Syria.Did Israel blunder by focusing on the West Bank rioting while they should have been more attentive on the Lebanon Syria frontier as former defence Minister Lieberman claimed?   Can Israel win a war without saturated carpet bombing of encroaching troops as the only way in order to thwart an incoming enemy invasion?  Did Israel underestimate strength and numbers of  boots on the ground and how to push them back from Israeli soil.  Israel’s qualitative edge lies in their Tank and air force.
Can Israel successfully fend away a 5 border invasion? Will Turkey support Hezbollah and Hamas with Turkish aircraft? Is Israel  up to the task to face the brunt of world  criticism for saturated bombing in order to survive.  Is Israel’s General staff up to he job of keeping Israel a float?  Did Trump by promising to remove U.S.Troops from Syria given Iran and Turkey the green light in that area and unleash a War that was held in check by  the U.S.presence in Syria?
Once again is that why Trump is pulling U.S.troops from Syria?…Moses Lerman Editor

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Invasion Of The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s…A Lerman Report Exclusive!

      A friend of ours‍ made mention that the Advertising Industry is slipping into commercials commercial actresses that  bear a  striking resemblance to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez every chance they get.This is being done to keep her in the public’s eye as much as they can.She is the new darling of the Democratic Party..Industry sources told us this and we take it as factual.Watch  a lot of commercials and  see for yourself.
As far as we are concerned the Democrats could have chosen a better staff bearer for their future.We consider her an empty suit with little upstairs.We are appalled at her support for the Palestinians which is paramount supporting terrorism.

 Now Watch This Trailer Invasion Of The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s..

Pullout of Syria Trumps Waterloo?

    This pull out pf Syria leaving  presents a vulnerable situation to our friends (Israel  & The.kurds) and  puts them each in harm’s way & leaves our trusted Allies  in the lurch.

To makes matters worse  an enraged invitation to Turkey’s Erodgan & giving him the green light in Syria was hand personally delivered by Trump
This irresponsible withdrawl has accually put the entire Middle East in Great Jeopardy..To give Erdogan a licence to complete the job(Issis) is way beyond of  what’s right
 Is that Trumps political swan song? Does the early  heave-ho of  General James Mattis  become Trumps Waterloo?
However until the day that the Democrat party of can rid itself of the radical left element  many Republicans voters can never pull their lever in the voting  booth.

After Turkish embassy thugs assaulted Americans on U.S..soil protesting outside Turkish Embassy to cozy up and hand Erdogan the reins is  total outrage to say the least..

*We at the Lerman Report Editorial Board believes Trump will now face a bevy of challengers in  2020  in the Republican primary all due to this Fiasco of a Pullout  in Syria.Just as some of his Predecessors the likes  of Jimmy Carter and George H.W.Bush he will also become  a one term elected President all due to this incident.



NOW READ THIS result for hand pointing picture result for hand pointing picture result for hand pointing picture
WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture

Israel Must Leave The U.N. Now….

Israel Must Leave The U.N. that Unesco has put forth a statement that the Western Wall Judaism’s most holiest site and is part of the Al- asa Mosque and Islamic is both insulting and outrageous to Jews all the World over. For all the good that Israel does visa vie helping in catastrophes such as earthquakes and such , means zilch..Where is the world out cry on the stabbings and violence being perpetrated right now in Israel.When A Nation such as South Africa can host Hamas it’s equally outrageous and offensive . The Arabs can do no wrong and the Jews can do no right in the World opinion stage.Anti Semitism has reared its ugly head world-wide…
What the Palestinian Arabs are attempting to do is to erase all  aspects of any Jewish presence or existence from anything pertaining to land of Israel..Which includes all religious & historical landmarks.They are re writing history ..writing Jews out and penciling in fake phony Palestinian data & history in it’s place.It is both a well-heeled  & orchestrated plan..but it won’t work because the Jewish resolve is greater than all the Arabs put together..That’s why Israel has survived for 70 years against insurmountable odds.

    What has Israel gotten from the U.N since 1948 ..Nothing but a daily ongoing brow beating and tongue lashing..

The U.N is has and always be a bastion of anti-Jewish rhetoric and resolutions..

What puzzles us is when we see nations that never had any Jewish people living  in their country voting against her with a vengeance..

You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to suspect that perhaps someones palms are being shmeared with a lot of $$$$  GREEN under the table get the picture?

The U.N.’s leadership was on Israels case going for years from when it was run by Nazi Kurt Waldheim all the way to under the Tutelage of Kim Sun Moon..Israel never got a fair shake.The U.N  has been acting as an antagonise towards Israel for years …and has ceased to become what it was created for.

*Former United Nations Secretary General Kurt Waldheim who kept his World War II Nazi military service a secret

Israel make a bold statement and resign from the U.N. now….Related image

Read below

Palestinians seek to claim WesterWall


Palestinian proposal to UNESCO: Western Wall is part of al .   


UNESCO panel adopts resolution submitted by Jordan ..


Catch & Release..Linda Sarsour The Teflon Jew Hater


NEW YORK, UNITED STATES – MARCH 8: NYPD detain women taking part in International Women’s Day march as they blocked the road in Manhattan borough of New York, United States on March 8, 2017. (Photo by Mohammed Elshamy/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

If you watch T.V. news long enough you will spot Linda Sarsour creating a disturbance either in a court Room or in a Congressman’s office.She’s taken away..but doesn’t seem to get any Jail time. I dub her “The Teflon Jew Hater”.She is the new darling of the Democrat Party..She perports to be a womans rights advocate ..however she doesn’t miss a beat proclaiming  her support for the  Palestinian causes along with her distaine for Israel and as she puts it stop colonization of Palestine .

All the media outlet should give her the blackout  treatment..The more T.V. exposure that she receives the more public time she gets to spew her hate and build up.more of  following.

She now has aligned herself with non other than self hating Jew and anti Israel Senator Bernie Sanders.Last year she was invited to speak at NY. State owed colleges which she did spewing her personal brand of hatred for America..Israel and Jews.where was the outcry from the States Governor?..Answer: none.
 The sooner the top leadership of the Democratic party bars and bans her from attending and participating in their party’s politics can we begin to stop the vile hatred that she is producing.




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Tens Of Thousands Of Orchestrated Aslylum Seekers Making Their Way To The U.S.Border..


Nat King Cole – Guadalajara result for hand pointing picture
OPEN IN  NEW TAB TO HEAR  Human Ear Clip Art
   Tens of thousand of migrants posing as refugees attempting to make their way to the U.S.Border via Mexico. This  entire exodus is entirely orhestrated.What the media fails to show all the hundreds of portable toilets set up.Had thet shown the ports potty’s then everyone would know right away that it is all orchestrated.
First of all these migrants on the move are not refugees.Unless your escaping  from a tyrannical regime then you’re a refugee.To just want to come to another nation where the economy is better in no way does that fall into the  definition of Asylum seekers  or refugees.The word is out.”Come to the U.S.and receivce a cornucopia of freebies  S.S.I.Medicade ..Child Care ..Food Stamps $1,800 relocation fee per person in your  a free subsided apartment.
The working stiff can take no  more..Their payroll tax taken out of their checks are staggering and right through the roof .Like the workers in Germany after allowing millions of Immigrants to settle there .Now the German workers will continue to toil untill well into their 70’s to collect retirement benefits from the Government.
We are now hearing that this caravans are rife with Middle Easterner’s posing as central American’s and possibly Isis  fighters.Now it differently comes a  big National security concern.
There are safe ways to control and stop very large amount of people so that they are not physical injured.There are spider-like nets of foam that can instantly immobilize a mob.They myst pass through Mexico to get into the U..S.So it is incumbent on The Mexican Authority’s to stop them.If We were advising President Trump we would  tell him to threaten a to impose a total embarking on all Mexican goods and  cease diplomatic relations if they don’t handle this fiasco.
What is making us scratch our heads  is  all thus is all being orchestrated  and played outright  right before the mid-term elections

Sticky foam – Wikipedia

Army Reloads on Sticky Foam Weaponry | WIRED


Sticky Foam Gets Serious |

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Jeremy Corbyn Creating Hatered

Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign     The Difference between Hitler and Corbyn is a simple one.Basically What  the Nazi’s did was  in order to solidify their base in this instance with ethic German’s they sacrificed and crapped on another smaller group within their population (Jews)  in order to  pull the masses together.
We say when you apply for a job & your interviewer wants to know your qualifications ..Too just stand and say”I”m better”than the other applicants does not in itself show your qualitative edge from the field of others .If you think by knocking someone else  increases your stock YOUR WRONG.There is a ploy done by sleep away camp counselors to pick on a particular camper for something that excludes the others to hold the other together making a more manageable situation….This in a nut shell is what Hitler did.While  it remains despicable  and deplorable what  Hitler did .Corbyn has different  twist  on  him creating  hate.Corbyn deliberately took the terrorist side over their victims  He never missed a change to demean Israel and Jews.The hatred in the U.K. is picking up  everyday steam why is Corbyn doing this?
A good friend of ours may have the answer to this.  This friend of ours  is a prominent psychiatrist who maintains an upscale practice in Manhattan in addition is an adjunct professor in leading Ivy League school in psychiatric studies once told us that when someone lashes out unprovoked against verbally and knocks a particular person or group ..they are usually suffering from.some kind of inadequacy issue..such as a grown man with a rather small penis or also as a man having little or no facial hair like just like a woman..though We not accusing him of the above..However  any number of Shrinks would have a genuine field day analyzing him on their chaise lounge.

U.S.Woman’s Army Corps Picture Being Circulated With WAC Wearing A Keffiyeh

Just who is responsible for this picture of an American WAC sporting a Palestinian Hamas/El Fatah keffiyeh on her uniform? Is the Pentagon aware of this? What about the Department of the Army were they  in the loop on how this picture became made and circulated?

Any time a U.S.uniform complete with official insignia’s are used in either a movie..T.V.Show, Commercial or Print add  it must have the official permission from the particular branch of service.This print add was not created hap hazard band neither by accident but deliberately created having an American woman soldier wearing a symbol of Terrorists and resistance against Israel.


Even though the ads picture is right in your face it still resonates sort of a subliminal style of  message.Whoever put this add together wanted to make a political statement that is contrary to the to  the current Trump Administrations U.S. policy and at the same time attempt to manipulated your sympathies visa vie the Arab Israeli conflict.


Who commissioned this add with featuring an American Service member wearing  a keffiyeh as part of their uniform?
The  keffiyeh is not GI issue  and wearing it disgraces the uniform.Somebody at the pentagon had to both commission and approve this add.While complements and alcaldes poured in on Facebook to what seemed to be a proud woman serving her country one seemed to question the keffiyeh on her uniform except the members of The Lerman Report Staff.
Although the add does not actually say U.S.Army it is meant to appear that it is.

We are intimating an enquiry and will find out who the culprits are.
A Lerman Report Exclusive… Are T.V. Networks & Commercials ..Image result for hand pointing picture
Did The Palestinian Propaganda Machine Hire … – The Lerman ReportImage result for hand pointing picture
Palestinian keffiyeh – WikipediaImage result for hand pointing picture
WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture

Israel Must Make Accommodations For Their Druze Population…Immediatly

Click Above Link To HearHuman Ear Clip Art

Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign     We can understand their displeasure with Israels new law officially proclaiming it a Jewish state. .although that was always understood without any legislation..However when it was written appeared a somehow to be seen in a different light.Needless to say that to not sitting well among The Druze.

Keep that mind this law was strictly passed as a message Intended to combat Hamas and El Fatah claims on Israel and not ever intended in any way to put aside and hurt the Druze Community.

For years  Palestinian pressure & influence at the U.N. has culminated in trying  to take Jewish  claim to the be illegitimate .In addition they are trying to De-Judaizing all Jewish sites & landmarks as to further negate any Jewish claim to Israel whatsoever.
Israel’s Army Chief of staff is much concerned as a possible disruption in the military. Would any of The Druze community prefer to be ruled under the heavy hand of Abbas or Hamas? Israel must make some immediate changes in accommodation perhaps as a special status along with fresh money pumped into the Druze community. We are not privy to what Netanyahu actually said to the Druze leaders..we only hope for an  amicable conclusion suitable for both sides.Havinmg said all this we will say that a lot of dissention  in Druze ranks today among the young men in the IDF
                         SPEAKING TO CONGREATION

                 .   THE LERMAN REPORT STAFF

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