U.S. Exit From Syria A Deliberate Escape From Reginal Powder Keg Ready To Explode?

No Longer A Rag Tail Army But A Formidable Foe

Image result for extra news boy cartoon signWhat ‘s really going on in The Middle East?

Is war in the middle East eminent & about to break out?  Is this the real reason why Trump is  pulling U.S. troops out of Syria.Did Israel blunder by focusing on the West Bank rioting while they should have been more attentive on the Lebanon Syria frontier as former defence Minister Lieberman claimed?   Can Israel win a war without saturated carpet bombing of encroaching troops as the only way in order to thwart an incoming enemy invasion?  Did Israel underestimate strength and numbers of  boots on the ground and how to push them back from Israeli soil.  Israel’s qualitative edge lies in their Tank and air force.
Can Israel successfully fend away a 5 border invasion? Will Turkey support Hezbollah and Hamas with Turkish aircraft? Is Israel  up to the task to face the brunt of world  criticism for saturated bombing in order to survive.  Is Israel’s General staff up to he job of keeping Israel a float?  Did Trump by promising to remove U.S.Troops from Syria given Iran and Turkey the green light in that area and unleash a War that was held in check by  the U.S.presence in Syria?
Once again is that why Trump is pulling U.S.troops from Syria?…Moses Lerman Editor

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Is Schumer A Lame Duck Senator?



Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign‏Can Schumer be reelected? He is voting and doing stuff contrary to his constitutes wishes. While personally against BDS he  could not convince or stop the entire anti BDS vote from failing.
Lets tell it like it is he’s losing his voting base. As of right now The Jewish voter is not going to vote for him..and does he think in  his wildest dreams that any of the new radical element in the party will ever in a million years vote for a Jew for senator then he’s only deluding himself.Dance with the on that took you to the party(Senate).
Although he initially spoke out against the  BDS  movement he was infective to stop other Democrat Senators from decrying that  BDS is constitutional protected free speech.Where was he as a Senate Minority Leader to  stand up & say that it was it’s not and is only cloaking Jewish hatred in the veil.if free speech and a big attempt to strangle Israel.

Why was he silent when new incoming member of Congress Palestinian American Rashida Tlaib in her first act in office to  accuse Jews of being disloyal to America..
Somebody pulled strings to lend out The Jefferson Koran from the Smithsonian for her to be sworn in on..who allowed it.We not implying that it was him…but he had to hear who did ..if  he didn’t he should have.
  Rashida Tlaib to swear in for Congress Jefferson’s Koran | Miami Herald
Bernie Sanders while elected as an independent he caucuses with the Democrats..where does he stand with Sanders association with Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory .Dov Hikind is a former Democratic New York State Assemblyman representing Brooklyn’s Assembly district 48, having held this position for 35 years, from January 1983 until December said Schumer no longer has American values .In 2006 he was 100% for border security and rallied against illegal border jumpers.He has now flip-flopped for  party purposes.Some critics say that he waited untill the senate pro Iranian deal vote was  already defeated before he placed his no vote ballot.
Sanders rhetoric ignores  Israels Right To Defend Itself…

It appears that He’ choosing not have any conformation with incoming Anti Israel Anti Jewish congressional  and Senate members. Is  he is working on it behind the scenes?
If so there are no press accounts of any activity coming from his office concerning that.
*Can Schumer And Pelosi Save An Exodus Of Jews & Old & stalwarts from leaving  the party ..click link below




Time for Jews To Bid Farwell To The Democrat Party


Obama Fooled Us All

Coleman Hawkins – Body & SoulImage result for hand pointing picture
  Wake up to reality of today the Democrat Party of today is no longer the party of your Dear Old Departed Bubby & JFK…only the name remains the same.It has been  usurped with a new bunch of radical left wing Anti Jewish & Anti Israel followers.They no longer share Jewish values anymore.

Time for today’s Jews to leave the Democratic party.The Jews of old had a special relationship with the Democratic party. The old pre WW1 Jews who were foreign illiterate factory workers swore by the Democratic Party. There was always a Party Leader in the neighborhood in the 1920’s to help them out….However lets wake up and face reality this doesn’t exist anymore.
               The Pathetic Sad Reality Below

The new arriving freshman members of congress are Anti Semitic such as Palestinian American Rashida Tlaib who’s  first act was to accuse Jews of not being  loyal to this country.Along with her cohorts Alexandria Cortez and Bernie Sanders they’ all remain  vehemently anti Israel.This has to be a wake up call..its, almost like 1938 Nazi Germany all over again.
At each and every  Democrat campaign rally you need not have to look far to spot the Anti Israel placards being hoisted high  clamoring for a 23rd Arab Nation And the end to Israel.Now I do nit advocate that  you give 100% approval in every Republican issue..I know that I don’t but in balance they are pro-Israel and not Anti Semitic..The Democrats including Senate minority lessee Chuck Schumer abd Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi seem unperturbed by this and their refusal to vote against the Anti Israel BDS bill.siting free speach.so free so each is crapping on Jews and Israel..thats acceptaple with the Democrats…shameful.
Well those days when The Democrat Party was in Israels corner are far gone. Once the senor Jews pass on  and by senor Jews we ate talking about  those 80 and over there  will not  be  a liberal voting Jew around. So Mr .& Mrs. Jew if you haven’t  yet switched already to Republican do it now.


What Ever Happened To The Old Time Tough N.Y. Jew?

Beau Hunks – Gangway CharlieImage result for hand pointing picture
What I am about to say is the crux of Anti Semitism in America and Euroup.Where did The old tough Jew go to? From a time span in New York  or any American city Jews circa 1900 to 1940 was a rough and tough sort.On the N.Y.Lower East side spawned such types as Meir Lansky ..Bugsy Seigal and plethora of characters who brooked no nonsense.
My own grandfather born in Poland  in 1901 but arrived at Ellis Island at 3 months old was raised in Williamsburg Brooklyn.His two Brothers Meyer and Sammy were bar tenders the old type Jackie Gleason  portrayed as Joe the bartender.You could only crap on him  or his brothers once.The sport of boxing was dominated by Jewish boxers.From that rough and tumble type what transpired to transform the modern Jewish male into a weakling and milk toast.
I Pull  no punches when I say what I just said because it is so..Jews are no longer feared and respected anymore as lets say like their Italian or Irish counterparts.Had Jews remained rough sorts you would not see the rise of Anti Semitism as you see today.Jews have become stationary easy targets to go after..When did this start to first happen?
Who’s to say an influx of post WW1 Jews of different stock and mannerisms?More cultured oe more educated ..who’s to say ..it would only  be sheer speculation
The Israel Jew is now of a different mind-set and is  both feared and respected in non-Jewish circles in their realm of the globe.
Untill the day  comes along that Jews start raising their young in a different manner as in days of old & Jews start to say that being able to kick ass is just as important as education nothing will change that.

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The Writings On The Wall..Jews Get The Vote Out…

With the  recent election of  Palestinian American Rashida Tlaib it has got to be wake up call for Jewish Americans to see the changing of the Political Climate right here in the U.S.A.The Democrat Party Leaders seem  un perturbed with extreme leftist shift replacing years of once was a great political party
In 1938 Jews Had No Nation To Flee To Arabs Have 22

It is now echoing Europe with it’s  vile  hatred that anti-Semitism has reared its ugly head once more  right in our own backyard..I keep telling liberal  minded Jews that it’s not fake or conservative news. You think it’s not bad now? It’s reality & it’s only going to get worse..So think again With the slated influx of Syrian and other Arab and Muslim.immigrants along with chain migrating …in a short while they to will be voting  against Israel  at the ballot box & Israel can kiss goodbye any support and aid from the U.S.A. as our halls if Congress will resemble the U.N.General Assembly
Don’t hand me I’m a human being and not a Jew ..no one on this Earth is a Human Being.We are all defined by our ethnicity whether we like it or not.I urge Jews to wake up now.
Please don”t fall their line their old line that they are 70 year  refugees with no place to go because there are 22 Arab Nations right at his moment that they can go to.
In 1938 Jews had no nation that would take them in.Now Jews have Place their own their ancestral homeland “Israel”Lets face facts .The Palestinian Arabs will never accept an Israel, even if it were only one inch wide..who’s fooling who?.
Green Shaded = 22 Arab Nations
Red Shaded =Israel
keep in mind they have resorted to terrorism to advance their cause..if you capitulate to them you are saying that the end justifies the means.
             The Pathetic Sad Reality Below

OPINION | WHEN PROGRESSIVES EMBRACE HATE – THE NEW YORK TIMES/Image result for hand pointing picture

Invasion Of The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s…A Lerman Report Exclusive!

      A friend of ours‍ made mention that the Advertising Industry is slipping into commercials commercial actresses that  bear a  striking resemblance to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez every chance they get.This is being done to keep her in the public’s eye as much as they can.She is the new darling of the Democratic Party..Industry sources told us this and we take it as factual.Watch  a lot of commercials and  see for yourself.
As far as we are concerned the Democrats could have chosen a better staff bearer for their future.We consider her an empty suit with little upstairs.We are appalled at her support for the Palestinians which is paramount supporting terrorism.

 Now Watch This Trailer Invasion Of The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s..

Pullout of Syria Trumps Waterloo?

    This pull out pf Syria leaving  presents a vulnerable situation to our friends (Israel  & The.kurds) and  puts them each in harm’s way & leaves our trusted Allies  in the lurch.

To makes matters worse  an enraged invitation to Turkey’s Erodgan & giving him the green light in Syria was hand personally delivered by Trump
This irresponsible withdrawl has accually put the entire Middle East in Great Jeopardy..To give Erdogan a licence to complete the job(Issis) is way beyond of  what’s right
 Is that Trumps political swan song? Does the early  heave-ho of  General James Mattis  become Trumps Waterloo?
However until the day that the Democrat party of can rid itself of the radical left element  many Republicans voters can never pull their lever in the voting  booth.

After Turkish embassy thugs assaulted Americans on U.S..soil protesting outside Turkish Embassy to cozy up and hand Erdogan the reins is  total outrage to say the least..

*We at the Lerman Report Editorial Board believes Trump will now face a bevy of challengers in  2020  in the Republican primary all due to this Fiasco of a Pullout  in Syria.Just as some of his Predecessors the likes  of Jimmy Carter and George H.W.Bush he will also become  a one term elected President all due to this incident.



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WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture

Israel Must Leave The U.N. Now….

Israel Must Leave The U.N. Now..now that Unesco has put forth a statement that the Western Wall Judaism’s most holiest site and is part of the Al- asa Mosque and Islamic is both insulting and outrageous to Jews all the World over. For all the good that Israel does visa vie helping in catastrophes such as earthquakes and such , means zilch..Where is the world out cry on the stabbings and violence being perpetrated right now in Israel.When A Nation such as South Africa can host Hamas it’s equally outrageous and offensive . The Arabs can do no wrong and the Jews can do no right in the World opinion stage.Anti Semitism has reared its ugly head world-wide…
What the Palestinian Arabs are attempting to do is to erase all  aspects of any Jewish presence or existence from anything pertaining to land of Israel..Which includes all religious & historical landmarks.They are re writing history ..writing Jews out and penciling in fake phony Palestinian data & history in it’s place.It is both a well-heeled  & orchestrated plan..but it won’t work because the Jewish resolve is greater than all the Arabs put together..That’s why Israel has survived for 70 years against insurmountable odds.

    What has Israel gotten from the U.N since 1948 ..Nothing but a daily ongoing brow beating and tongue lashing..

The U.N is has and always be a bastion of anti-Jewish rhetoric and resolutions..

What puzzles us is when we see nations that never had any Jewish people living  in their country voting against her with a vengeance..

You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to suspect that perhaps someones palms are being shmeared with a lot of $$$$  GREEN under the table get the picture?

The U.N.’s leadership was on Israels case going for years from when it was run by Nazi Kurt Waldheim all the way to under the Tutelage of Kim Sun Moon..Israel never got a fair shake.The U.N  has been acting as an antagonise towards Israel for years …and has ceased to become what it was created for.

*Former United Nations Secretary General Kurt Waldheim who kept his World War II Nazi military service a secret

Israel make a bold statement and resign from the U.N. now….Related image

Read below

Palestinians seek to claim WesterWall


Palestinian proposal to UNESCO: Western Wall is part of al .   


UNESCO panel adopts resolution submitted by Jordan ..


Bibi Capitulates To Hamas..Avigdor Lieberman Resigns In Disgust

Netanyahu Capitulates to Hamas returns to 2014 Deal.That will allow Qatar transfer $15 million Dollars to Hamas.Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman  resigned his position in utter disgust .What  Lieberman has described as capitulation to terrorism from Netanyahu

Lieberman added that the money transfer will be used as  slay for pay to fund and encourage  more terrorist activity activity.We at the  Lerman Report Editorial Board agree 100% with Lieberman.
Although we are not Israeli citizens we will say this…The Lerman Report enjoys an extremely large following  in Israel and all across the Middle East & our take is always  is always well received.


For all the months of rioting and mayhem Hamas gets rewarded with big bucks.The fiasco at the Gaza-Israeli border should never have continued after the first day.Netanyahu’s inaction and now appeasement  shows that terrorism pays off..At least for Hamas.Israel has to be weak.that they are hesitant to have a war on many fronts that they feel that they can not win.Keep in mind just one loss and no more Israel..
Hezbollah as is now well entrenched on the Golan Also the bill concerning conscription on Chasidim is still on the table and not yet enacted into law which Bibi is apparently for.
     Avigdor Lieberman takes  with him his party Yisrael Beiteinu. Although he would make  a first class Prime Minister….however his party just doesn’t have a chance and it”s bucking from the Lukud coalition will just drive Netanyahu to pick more seats from United Torah Israel

We at the Lerman Report remain saddened by these  turn of events .We will say this loud and clear  we consider Avigdor Lieberman  A Jews Jew and  is worthy of our indorsement and support.When Avigdor Lieberman runs for office he will have our support 100%

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Boycott Ben & Jerry’s



Let all Jewish people & any other People who are fed up with hate mongers and murders to immediately in a peaceful  manner to Boycott Ben & Jerry’s.
Plenty of customers were appalled and  outright disgusted by Ben & Jerry rolling out the Red Carpet for Linda Sarsour  and with the kick odd of their new flavor “Resist” company.Now it’s  the publics time to unveil their new flavor”Boycott”
 Any Retailer will tell  you that the first thing you are taught in first setting up your buisness is that you never discuss Politics or Religion with your customers..and by never we mean never.You might say if We may borrow a spoken term.It is the”Cardinal Rule” of every buisness.If your going to break that rule ..then be prepared to lose custumers.In this case not only did Ben & Jerry’s ignore that good advice they went even further and took up  siding and  taking up with Terrorists and  supported their goals.
So hit em hard and hit them in the pocket-book and cease buying their Ice Cream. That is the only thing that will grab their  attention and by doing that it will set an example to other retailers who share similar thoughts as this will be their fate if they attempt to follow in the same footsteps as Ben & Jerry’s
We urge everyone to boycott Ben & Jerry’s.
Avoid buying their products at their ice cream outlets and in the supermarket freezer.Aviod them like as if you were avoiding the plague.
We don’t care how un religious any Jew is ..but to take up with terrorists sworn to destroy Israel and a close friend  and supporter of Hamas no other than Linda Sarsour..shameful.
(Photo CreditTwitter)

They had to be  aware of her connection to terrorists and her platform to bring about the destruction of Israel what she terms end the colonization of Palestine by Jews.
That apparently did not phase bother Ben & Jerry..
They had to know ..their not stupid..It was only when  Jewish people and others vehemently complsined that they reversed their association or alliance with this pathetic  excuse for a Human Being  and ardent rabble roser  & big time Jew Hater Linda Sarsour.
So we at The Lerman Report Editorial review board say that is not enough ..it is merely damage control.
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*I personally would like to take this opportunity to thank my entire loyal fan base all throughout the World….   Moses Lerman