Pompeo Great Secretary Of State Getting Virtualy No Media Coverage Of His Great Acomplshments




Listen Up Mr.New Secretary Of State The Dead Jewish Souls Whose lives Were Cut Short Due ToPalestinian Terrorism Cries Out Not To Capitulate On Any Peace Deal & Have A their Deaths Be In Vane

Secretary of State Pompeo Acomplshments went unheralded by the major media outlets.
There Was Virtualy Nothing On The Evening News About The Peace That They Brokered Between Israel Her Many Arab Nations.
The Lines From Arab Nations Waiting To Sign Up For Peace With Israel Exceeds The Long Lines At Disneyland..
All Of Her Neighbors Will With The Exception For The Palestinian’s Who Are Lined Up To Sneek Into Israel Via A Dug Tunnel To Hack Up An Unexpectedly Israeli By Some Incouraged Terrorists Wanting Some Of That Pay For Slay Money..This Is Who You Champion?
Now Bidden’s Incoming Secretary of State Pick May Be Looking To Undo all of this fabulous work by talking to Abbas who Rewards Terrorists wlWhen They Kill Jews.
Biden Will Reinstate The Iran deal with Nation who is the biggest sponsor of state run Terrorism..Something is terribly  wrong with that..but we will wait and see if he undoes all the good that Pompeo & Jared Kushner Created.
We at Lerman Report Salutes  Pompeo and Kushner as he Did  What No Secretary of State Has Accomplished Or Even Wanted To Do..Make Peace and friendship Between Israel And Its Arab Neighbors.2 Previous Peace Deals  Were Made ..zboftom Line Thier Word Can No Linger Be Taken

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There Is No Reason To Reinstate The Iranian Nuclear Deal Except For The Well Connected To Curry Favor To Do Business There

There Is No Reason To Reinstate The Iranian Nuclear Deal Except For The Well Connected To Curry Favor To Do Business There. We’ve all seen the  massive underground nuclear facility in Iran when Obama signed off on this lop sided monstrosity  deal favoring  only Iran they was non compliant right from the get go in allowing  inspections  to take place.They can not be trusted one iota.

Business Insider /Present Iranian Underground Nuclear Facility Poised To Destroy Israel

Iran remains the biggest sponsor of state run Terrorism..They have their proxy army in place as we take pen to paper and write this post. There are most probably actual Iranian  troops in Lebanon  as well as Syria masquerading as Proxy soldiers as well.Reports us test Iran may have brought in military  hardware detected  into The Syrian periphery by means of commercial aircraft..

Hezbollah fighters In Lebanon

This is the  same unrelenting  non apologetic  regime  that captured our Marines and burn down our Embassy  back in 1979.

Al Arabiya English/ Iran’s militias in Syria don Syrian army uniforms to stay on | Al …

Ask your self why does sn Oil rich nation need nuclear  power plants  other than to have nuclear  bombs in their arsenal?

New Arab/One Of Many Iranian Oilfields

The Arab Nations getting on board to have Peace with Israel  have had it with Palestinian  intransigence  and Iranian muscle flexing in the Region. Remember President Obama saying

“I will veto an bad deal for the U.S.”? We also remember Obama saying “If You Like Your Doctor Than You Can Keep Your Doctor “!

We’ve already seen the press clippings of Ex Secretary of State John Kerry’s  son in law as player of sorts doing business  with Iran.

Trump was able to put the Genie back in the bottle  but a Bidden Administration will uncapped it for good.



Concerning Jeremy Corbyn

Concerning Corbyn
A good friend of ours who is a prominent Psychiatrist who maintains an upscale practice in Manhattan in addition is an adjunct Professor in leading Ivy League school in Psychiatric studies once told us that when someone lashes out unprovoked and verbally and knocks a particular person or group ..they are usually suffering from.some kind of inadequacy issue..such as a grown man with a rather small penis or also as a man having little or no facial hair like just like a woman..though we’re not accusing him of the above..However  any number of Shrinks would have a genuine field day analyzing him on their chaise lounge. 
  INTERNATIONAL HEROLD HITS THIS  QUARTER… Image result for hand pointing picture

Messonic Jewery Their True Goal

While I’m all for everyone to be free to practice third own faith however
Massonic Jews is a fraudulent organization.
Their true goal is to proselytize mainstream Jews to Christianity and nothing more.
It remains just a very cleverly packaged way to perform their missionary work which is aimed at Jews.
In nearly every member in their congregation unit was never Jewish before they started to attended this particular congregation.
In addition before that they attended this  for a lack of a better word their “Synagogue”
each member was a regular Church goer at another Christian Church including the Rabbi. They pepper each unit with former Jews to make it look legit but don’t be fooled their only goal is to seek out and convert mainstream Jews to Christianity and nothing more.Fellow Jews from all other Streams of Judaism Beware!


Jewish Viewers And Supporters Of Israel Boycott Lifetime Channel And Do Not Buy Sponsors Products

T.V. Viewers Should Refrain From Both Watching The Lifetime Channel On Your Cable Service And Not Purchase The Sponsors Products.
Lifetime Has Honored Linda Sarsour Who Is Ardent Israel Hater And Anti Jewish Who Refuses The Disavow The Terrorist Organization Hamas With A Tweet Honoring Her..
Where Has The Value System Eroded To To Support. A Hater Of A Terrorists Oganization..Wherever She Speaks She Spreads Her Brand Of Hatred Telling Her Audience Not To Humanize Jews Which Is The Same Exact Thing That The Nazi’s Told Their Followers.
We Say Let Lifetime Reverse This Action And Apologize To The Jewish Community As Well All Supporters Of Israel And Those  Opposed To Terrorism. Before We Suggest To Once Again Watch Their Programing And Buy Products Advertised On Their Programing.
Jews and Israel Being Thrown Under The Bus In … – The Lerman ReportImage result for hand pointing picture
Major Stars Join The Band Wagon of Anti Semitism – The Lerman ReportImage result for hand pointing picture
WORLD HITS ON INTERNATIONAL HEROLD  THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture


Where Has All The Good Will Towards Jews And Israel Gone To?



   Where has all the good will that Jews and Israel enjoyed years ago vanished too?
I remember in 1969 nearly every country had a live play of Fiddler On The Roof shown in their theater district.Every performance was 100% sold out.It was enjoyed in many  different languages. It played not only Jewish audiences but was enjoyed equally by Christians as well.
I remember when Golda Meir was Israel’s Prime Minister  & arrived in town people of all  backgrounds waited in long lines all across America just to get glimpse of her..
Now this was well after the 1967 war .Years ago the most bigoted hard core Jew hating Politicians would stifle their hate speech while  in public. Today these the Jew haters  don’t care and spew their vile hatred .They wear their hatred like badge of honor.When did siding with terrorists rather than their victims become acceptable and in vogue?
Israel may be winning battles but is losing the public relations war.
In nearly every nation among The European Union the Arab & Muslim  immigrant population has now exceeded those people of their host country that took them in and gave them sanctuary.
In the U.S. we are now witnessing the rise of “Social Democrats”who are  pro Palestinian.We are also seeing many misguided self hating Jews clamoring for as they term it  End The Ocupation.Little do they realise that Hitler made absolutely no distinction between a very observant Jew or a secular one.. That difference didn’t matter one iota to the Nazi’s because knew that they both can be turned  equally into the same quality of lamp shade or bar of soap.
It”ll take years to rebuild that good will and press and respect that Jews and Israel once enjoyed world-wide.
‘new York is Yours!’ Says Mayor Lindsay in Welcome to Golda Meir …Image result for hand pointing picture
‘Fiddler on the roof’ in various languages +must see Japanese .Image result for hand pointing picture
Jews and Israel Being Thrown Under The Bus In … – The Lerman ReportImage result for hand pointing picture
Major Stars Join The Band Wagon of Anti Semitism – The Lerman ReportImage result for hand pointing picture
WORLD HITS ON INTERNATIONAL HEROLD THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture


New Peace With Arab Nations.. Deja Vu All Over Again?

New Peace With Arab Nations..Deja Vu All over again? First of all High tech Jets will be sold to the UAE making Israel loose its Qualitative Military Edge in Air Force Superiority.Now we get word that it’ll involve the sale of F-35 Jet Craft
This must never occur. Trump  the heavy price that Trump sad Israel must pay a heavy price for him to move the U.S.Embassy to Jerusalem and a have The U.S. accept Jerusalem as Israel’s capital? Why was this hidden from the general Public untill now The heavy price is that Trump and his Son in law that are well.above the fray insist on a Palestinian state to be created with It’s own Army..
Will We will also be witnessing once again a third lopsided Peace Deal where settlers are once again will be forcibly ripped from their homes & have their settlements dismantled right in front if them as in the past two Palestinian violated deals.

                * Please play  one YOU Tube At A Time

All Israel will get is a cold peace at best..giving away more precious Jewish land for meaningless promises from group known to renege on their word once they are in stronger position.. If war breaks out who will  the Arab  signatories of this Abraham Accord  Peace Treaty stand with Israel or their Brother Arabs.Lets wait and see if push comes to shove on Lebanon with that shanda of an of shore Gas deal if Arab nations on to the Abraham acords will stay neutral or becone an enemy combatant against Israel.

At first We at the International Herold Editorial Board were ecstatic when we heard of an accord with EAE as well as other Arab Nations.  Now we remain both highly cautious & sceptic to say the least from all this uncharacteristic behavior coming from all these Arab Countries.
Let us remind everyone that there are no moderate Arab Nations.The Olympics taught us that Remember when opposing Olympic players from “Moderates Arab Nations” downright refused to shake an Israeli Olympic Players Hand?.

We can see it all now settlers pulled from their homes that the Israeli Government promised would never happen again. However after hearing Various Arab Leaders say that any deal will be incumbent on a Palestinian state..goodbye Jewish Homeland..
Land For Peace in Israel … – The Lerman ReportImage result for hand pointing picture
Israel Must Anex All Lands In Their Possection … – The Lerman ReportImage result for hand pointing picture
A 2 State Solution Is Just A Stepping Stone to … – The Lerman ReportImage result for hand pointing picture
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EVERYONE NOW KNOWS THAT RABBI MEIR KAHANE WAS RIGHT …Image result for hand pointing picture
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Palestinian Campaign Against Israel And Jews Has Finally Backfired On Them


  1. When We see scores of Anti Semites worldwide clambering for the BDS movement but when question about what actually is is going on they know nothing of the true facts .. whatever they say is just a soundbite or  a talking point.

From Convincing Others To Bar Jews from Businesses..Degrading the Holocaust Rewriting History About Their Own True OriginsTo Suit & Own Political Agenda…More Terror… More Murder…More Lies.. More Mayhem Perpetrated As Well As Schools teaching and Fostering Jewish Hatred…

Now They Are Most Likely Get A Fraction If Anything At The Negotiating Table ..Even their Brother Arabs had enough of their intransigence and terrorists ways.

How strange and bizarre that in today’s sick world the Palestinians convinced people to take up with terrorists over their victims…looks like “Game Over” for them.

The tide has finally changed

More heads of state move their Embassy’s to Jerusalem.Yes the writing on the wall now reads”Israel is Here to Stay” We don’t know if a certain parts of their anatomy reaches another part of their anatomy but with the dirty deeds done by the Palestinian Arabs..they none the less Fu___ked themselves… Their plans backfired on them


American Jewish Synagogue Service Attendance At An All Time Low


Jewish Synagogue Service is on the ropes and it’s due partly because of old school ideas.  I went to Florida a while back and wanted to attend a celebration of a relatives 85th Birthday at the shule.I was denied entry because I was not dressed properly in a suit & tie.I flew down there to be apart of that joyous  celebration..It seems that my clothes are important than my Character.
Like Mordecai Kaplan who founded the Reconstructionist Judaism and Zecharia Frankel  who founded the Conservative Jewish Stream its time for new fresh thinkers who can preserve Judaism in the most true traditional way that those Who Practice In The Orthodox Manner Can Accept


     THEN READ ON…..

1. Get rid of the Cantor and replace it with a Good Stand Up Comedian..You will  pack the people in once again like in years past.
Today’s Cantor’s are old hat (no pun intended) On the High Holy Days they earn more than Sinatra pulled down for a weekend  when he headlined back in the day at the Sands Hotel.
 2..Let the People attending sit on comfortable leather lounge chairs like you’d find in an expensive Hotel Lobby.
3. Let the  Congregants have coffee or any beverages including food available during the service .
4.Dress code let the Congregants wear whatever they choose so long as its cleanly washed or and pressed.

5.Shorten the length of the service .
6.Teach Hebrew  exactly in same method as the Chinese or Greek Schools do when those groups send their kids to learn their Ethnic language.They do a first-rate job teaching their kids to speak their native tongue as if they grew up abroad.
  For Jews let us take a page from those Greek and  Chinese Language Schools and immediately stop teaching our children Hebrew phonetically.  While many Jews can read Hebrew but don’t understand what
they are reading as it mumbled during the service  faster than the speed of light.

7..End those big 6 six salary’s that Rabbi’s are receiving today and all the perks that go with it such as an all expense paid house to live in.If they earn a salary then let them pay their own living costs like everyone else. Before WWII many Rabbis lived off their own funds.The Synagogue should exist for the congregants to gather and pray not for Rabbi’s to make a living.
If they receive payment from an outside place such as a wedding ceremony.. Funeral Parlor or unveiling it should on a split fee basis and  shared with the congregation
8. Except any one from whether born from a Jewish  Mother or Jewish Father into the Jewish Fold . Acceptance from a Jewish Mother is not Torah Based.In Judea Roman soldiers took liberty’s with Jewish Woman sometimes against their will…hence there was a question regarding the status of any offspring of this union.Rabbi’s of that time decreed that any children born if this union are to be considered to be 100% Jews and not illegitimate Karaite consider Paternal descent 
While We believe in a Traditional Hebrew language Service. There remains no reason whatsoever why we must be uncomfortable  while we Worship. Where is it written in stone (No pun Intended) That that’s the way it must be done? Listen do you want to see the Jewish faith continue and flourish or go to the wayside..Then wake up to change.
         This goes for any and all denominations or Streams of Judaism from Orthodox to Reform & everything in between that’s our proposal

Israel Should Have Annexed All Lands In Their Possession Before Trumps First Term Ended

  Israel made a big mistake by not annexing the entire West Bank..Retake Gaza and Sinai before  Biden took office.If Trump loses to Bidden
 Any Democrat in office for that matter  will give the Palestinian Arabs Carte Blanch to crap on Israel.
Israel has been a loyal Ally to The U.S.and a most valuable asset in the Middle East which gives America Air Bases as well as a Warm Water Port to the Mediterainian.We do not want to see Bidden bring the Israel P.M.into the Oval Office and bend him over his desk in order to have him capitulate to bunch of Terrorists in essence commiting national suicide for Israel.Let us clue our readership..in ain’t gona happen on any Israeli Head of States Watch.
Every Dollar that Israel receives from Uncle Sam goes directly back into the U.S.Economy when it buys its armaments from the American Defence Complex.Please don’t make Israel bypass weapon patent rights and manufacture their own military arsenal on its on as their only means of survival.
The Palestinian Arabs can not he trusted to keep another treaty.Israel can no longer trust them..By their own words and deeds any 2 state solution is just a stepping stone  to further destroy Israel.
Just look at this Ahed Tamimi situation.Israel cuts her a break and within hours she is back on the propaganda trail  trashing Israel.From her to BDS activists to any E.U.delegate who arrives in Israel to Rabble Rouse you got to get tough & incarcerate them up for a minimum of 3 years.
That fiasco playing out in  Gaza by Israel’s fence never should have not been allowed to continue past day one. In 50 years if there is no longer a Jewish State everyone will say “Why did we listen to our own hearts and not and cave into World Opinion”?
What everyone seems to be forgetting is that Jordan formally known as Transjordan was a colonial project setup to placate the Saudi Tribe.It was part of the British Mandate just like then British Palestine now renamed Israel.It was strictly intended and enforced by Britain for Arab residence only..Jews were not permitted to move within its lines.
Had Israel Annexed before The November U.S.Presiendential Elections thus issue whould have been settled like when Trump gave his ok making Jerusalem Israel’s capital…Off the table.Indecision and hesitation adds up to loosing so Strike While the Iron is Still Hot.It is bizarre that people clamor and support Terrorists over their victims.
This clip below shows a the shameful out & out distortion of truth .It is 100% downright lies and a total fabrication of what’s actually occurring in Israel.. ..It contains a condemnation of Israel by Joe Bidens & Demonstrates What awaits Israel today under a Biden White House.
We guess all the Terrorism and pay for slay initiated by Abbas passes muster with him. Sounds like what we are hearing from Bidden  is that Jews can do no right and the Arabs can do no wrong.

Jews and Israel Being Thrown Under The Bus In … – The Lerman Report
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