Yes Many Americas Are Dreamers Too..But Their Dreams Focuses on Veterans .

 Though many Americans are not a DACA Immigrant they  are Dreamers.
  However their dreams are  focused on our Active Duty Service Members who are not getting pay increases & our Veterans who have not received a  COLA increase on their disability checks that was denied them for the last 8 years.
While our hearts go out to those who’s parents brought them into our nation illegally and yes they are not  to blame for their parents deeds…However this has become a liberal battle cry and a political football .So we are  reserving all  of  our sympathies and vocal support to go out Active Duty Serviceman who put their life and limb everyday and our Veterans who made a sacrifice to America. After they have taken care of our Soldiers,Sailors,Marines and Airman then and only then should Uncle Sam play social worker.
You know what? We doubt if any of these pro DACA Politicians ever had the fire in their belly’s for our Veterans and Serviceman the way they are going to bat for the DACA immigrants.
All those people protesting properly don’t give a Damn about our Active Duty Serviceman or Veterans anyway.America get your priorities in order..


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