Jews Must Cease Voting For Their Own Group And Vote for the Best Candidate.



Fellow Jewish Americans Bernie Sanders,Adam Shiff,Gerald Nadler and Chuck Schumer no longer have their constituents at heart.  Were mentioning these four because they are high profile virtual office holders.

When we see Schumer addressing J Street and Nadler voting for the Iran deal their message is loud & clear that they no longer have Jewish interests at heart. Jewish interests are American interests.

We are not witnessing the reorganization of the Democrat Party morphing into an radical entity.They are no longer the party of JFK and your Dear Old Departed Bubby but a Jew hating pro Palestianan terrorist party..Nita Lowey pushed for aid to go to The Palestinian Authority and we all know where that winds up right into the pay for Slay kitty.

Now we are witnessing a turn of events where Democrats in the house are voting to halt to replenish the Orion done that is Israel’s main.way to defend themselves from indiscriminate incoming rockets being fired into Israel’s civilian population area.They already kicked Fellow Jews  to the curb.. Wake up before they plant anymore seeds anymore hatred with your vote that puts them in office.

Fellow Jewish Americans hear us out …

“If a former President such as Trump can’t garner Full Jewish support at the polls after all his pro Jewish/pro Israel actions..then never expect any non Jewish President in the future to do the same”.

Yet Jews will run like. Ganifs (thieves) t pull their lever while in the voting booth..

Vote for the best candidate regardless of their of their background… In the long run it’ll serve your interests.

Time for Jews To Bid Farewell To The Democrat Party


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