Moses Lerman’s Solution To all Those Defunct Vacant Multi Plex Cinimas..Turn Then Into Individual Multi Faith Houses Of Worship

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What to do with all these multi Plex Cinimas (trade mark name) that havec gone out of business. With big screen TV.s ,Soundbars, Sub Woofers DVD,’s.Cable Netflix Etc .So The Public Has Stopped Going To The Movie Theaters .


Why should they ..they have a cornapopia of devices and gagets who needs to spend $22 a person for an Hour and a half show.


Our suggestion is a multiplex house of Worship that is home to many different denominations and Faith’s.

I remember when I was growing up in Flushing Queens there was no Synagogue around. So on the High Holidays we had our services at the Prospect MovieTheater on Main Street & Prospect Ave..How it came about I’m not privy to that..Perhaps it was an Accomedation from the owners of the theater or some future Jewish  congregants who had yet found a place to have a Synagogue..who knows but we had  our Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur servics there.
Based on this I thought of a novel way to to utluize all those empty vacant defunct Multi PlexType of Thraters.

For example in one cinema theater  you can have for example Roman Catholic Church ..Greek Orthodox in another Baptist Jewish a  Mosque..Bahi ,Budists Temple etc etc and so forth..get the picture.

Now I petsonally know many Churches that no opened their doors and hearts give Jews a section on their Church for Jews whose Synogue had a fire in flood and visa versa.

This idea is based on both of the above stories I’ve mentioned above..

This is house of Worship of the future is here.

lerman (1)
File:Movable shelving at The National Archives.jpg


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