Why Is It Acceptable For Every Ethnic Group Have a Nation Except Jews”?


How Come  it’s acceptable for Every ethnic group can have a Nation of their own except Jews?
Germans have Germany.. Italians have Italy …France has France,The Spaniards have Spain but when Jews want their own country they call it Apartheid?
 In each & every one of those non-Jewish countries if you’re not of the host nation’s ethnicity than you’re a guest..perhaps a citizen but a guest non the less.
That’s the way it’ was accepted for thousands of years. However in Israel the non-Jewish population are given full rights and citizenship.However there are always malcontents and outside agitators who want to take over and throw out their hosts”The Jews”out  & push them into the sea. Not one European & Middle East Nation would Allow that to take place in their country so don’t wait around for Israel to roll over and let it happen.
Anytime anyone no longer cares their host’s accomodations & hospitality the exit door remains wide open, but don’t create a double standard for Jews and  a different one for every other nation on Earth.


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