Boycott Ben & Jerry’s


Let all Jewish people & any other People who are fed up with hate mongers and murders to immediately in a peaceful  manner to Boycott Ben & Jerry’s.
Plenty of customers were appalled and  outright disgusted by Ben & Jerry rolling out the Red Carpet for Linda Sarsour  and with the kick odd of their new flavor “Resist” company.Now it’s  the publics time to unveil their new flavor”Boycott”
 Any Retailer will tell  you that the first thing you are taught in first setting up your buisness is that you never discuss Politics or Religion with your customers..and by never we mean never.You might say if We may borrow a spoken term.It is the”Cardinal Rule” of every buisness.If your going to break that rule ..then be prepared to lose custumers.In this case not only did Ben & Jerry’s ignore that good advice they went even further and took up  siding and  taking up with Terrorists and  supported their goals.
So hit em hard and hit them in the pocket-book and cease buying their Ice Cream. That is the only thing that will grab their  attention and by doing that it will set an example to other retailers who share similar thoughts as this will be their fate if they attempt to follow in the same footsteps as Ben & Jerry’s
We urge everyone to boycott Ben & Jerry’s.
Avoid buying their products at their ice cream outlets and in the supermarket freezer.Aviod them like as if you were avoiding the plague.
We don’t care how un religious any Jew is ..but to take up with terrorists sworn to destroy Israel and a close friend  and supporter of Hamas no other than Linda Sarsour..shameful.
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They had to be  aware of her connection to terrorists and her platform to bring about the destruction of Israel what she terms end the colonization of Palestine by Jews.
That apparently did not phase bother Ben & Jerry..
They had to know ..their not stupid..It was only when  Jewish people and others vehemently complained that they reversed their association or alliance with this pathetic  excuse for a Human Being  and ardent rabble roser  & big time Jew Hater Linda Sarsour.
So we at The International Herold Editorial review board say that is not enough is merely damage control.
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