Sad To Report The Jewish Voting Bloc No Longer Exists

      I remember when a Politician could not get elected in a local New York  city or  N.Y State wide election without Jewish support.In a national election ..same thing ..without Jewish voters you can’t get elected
There never an orchestrated  process to get out the Jewish vote.Jews were strong  loyal Democrat party voters.It was their obligation to vote and Jews all across the nation when inside the voting both pulled the Democratic lever.Certain incidents started to erode that support.
First was Jimmy Carter Many Jews  became Reagan Democrats
Second was the influence of Jessee Jackson into the party’s upper echelon
Third was Barack Obama.He did more to dissolve Jewish loyalty in the Democrat party by him what is seen as Anti Semitic  moves.Had Jews known in the 2008 presidential election both in the primary & General election that he posed with Louis Farrakhan and the Congressional Black caucus made extra,sure that picture with Farrakhan never surfaced in the elections.That picture would have said volumes if Obama’s true sentiments visa vie the Palestinian Arab Israeli conflict.
Fast forward to today ..A good deal of old-time stalwart holdouts refuse to take the GOP Plunge.You don not have to give the Republicans a hand down Carte Blanch support on every issue.. We surly don’t.
However in balance Trump’ was the most pro Jewish a pro-Israel President America had since Harry Truman.
Many old liberal Jews have now passed on.We keep telling whatever  Jews that still swear by the Democrat party that it is no longer the party of your dear old departed  Bubby and JFK that only the name remains the same.It has been replaced by a radical bunch of Jew Haters who sooner take the side of the terrorists that murder Jews while they are asleep and target kindergarten children than support their victims.
We see Jews today supporting BDS movement ..although many holding placards saying Another Jew for divestment are not really Jews but others merely posing as Jews.
We are now at a crossroads for Jewish survival.
Being an apologist for anything Jewish does not give any Jew more acceptance among anti semites..but  more laughter and distain.Let us remind all those apologist & self haters that Hitler made absolutely no distinction between the very pius practicing Jew & their non practicing secular one .Why? because he knew that both can be equally made into rhe same quality lampshade. Wake up respect your Jewish background and heritage


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