Sad To Say That Halloween Is Being Ruined By Vandals


A few lowlifes will throw away all sense of decency  and propriety finding totally acceptable to spray paint & throw eggs on cars.

They are ruining a once fun Holiday for those who enjoy trick or treating and attending costume parties..When someone steals a trick or treaters  collected candy or eggs a car and ruins the those effected find no humor in & that is not what Halloween was ever intended for.
Worse yet theses thugs will have no compunction whatsoever to spray paints someones fence or brick work and cause thousands of dollars in damage..Not to be out done there is toilet Papering…where a several rolls of Toilet paper are thrown onto a tree on someone property forcing he land lords to hire a cleaning crew at least several hundred dollars to remove it.
It almost reminds us of the current movie “The Purge”(where  once a year there is no law and you murder ..maim or destroy  for 8 hours)
  Many communities have banned Halloween because of that and imposed curfew after 7pm because of the behavior of these bums.Allthough few in numbers compared to those who don’t run amuck they are still in high numbers to ruin a pleasant day

             Vandals Spoil Halloween


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