Petting Zoo’s ..What Happens to Those Criters When They Get Old?

Petting Zoos ..What happens To Thoses Criters When They Get Older? I learned from well read and reliable sources that when these animals reach maturity, they are sold or given to farms and  become part of our food supply to be slaughtered . How sad  a fate for them. ITs downright’s like the Police Horses when they retire them they then go to a farm in the country to retire..that’s B.S. It costs nearly $20,000 a year to maintance a horse & no farmer is going to take any horses and be burnded with that exspence in. They most proberly be shipped out of the country to be pulling a cart till the day that they die .If they are lucky maybe they will be sold to a riding accadeny or pull a cart such as the horse drawn carriages at Central Park if they are lucky..
Pet stores when they  stuck to of old stock of dogs getting to big and old to sell surrender them to an outfit such as the ASPCA .Demand to know their fate !
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