Bring Back The Old Gas Station Air Pumps

Old Style Air Pump

Whatever happened to the old style Air Compressors at the gas stations? You would look at your tire and set the PSI  on the pump ..when the bells stopped ringing ..your tire was fully inflated.Today in its place is a  pump that does none of the above.You never know exactly how much air your actually putting in.To make matters worse I think that I’m actually letting out more air than I’m putting in. Yes I have a tire guage…But as the old Yiddish exspression goes “It’ll help you like a tyot  in bankis”  ( a dead man  getting  cupping)To further complicate the situation..there is an idiot light on my dash-board that lights up when it detects a tire low on air..but it doesn’t tell you which tire..So I must roll down all of my windows and keep the engine running and watch closely  to see if the idiot light to goes off as I put air in each tire..but as we all know’s always the last tire that you put air in that the light goes off.. It’s that way every time! I wish that it  didn’t have those idiot lights..I call it a worry light..better off not having it   As the old adage goes”What you don’t know can’t hurt you”.
Now in N.Y. State it’s the law that you can’t be charged for air…However ever needed air in the middle of the night? The  Gas Station  attandant is locked in a sealed bullet proff  booth with 10 inch glass.’s a mini Fort Knox..and he’s not leaving the confines of the safety of that sealed booth.Plus I’d bet my bottom dollar that he doesn’t speak English anyway and has no idea what you want asking him.What gets me did you ever watch the old T.V.series Star Trek? They travel all over Outer Space to remote  planets in far off Galaxy’s and everyone they encounter speaks English.. But no one working at any Gas Station speaks English..Please. bring back the old Air Pump.This is  Progress?

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