Attention.. If Your Delivering Take Out Food Do Not Use Your Own Car Ever.. .

Image result for animated updated sign I notice many Food outfits that specialize in delivery and  take out have  these Entry level workers (mostly Teenagers)  delivering pizza and such using their own vehicle rather than the company car.. Let me clue all you delivery workers in because  this applies to.. If you are driving a company car while performing your delivery and you are in involved on an accident.. Its company insurance that is responsible. If you are using your car then you are responsible and will be held  liable.. I would venture to say that those entry level delivery workers are not being properly or compensated for the use of their car..If your insurance company gets wind that you are using your car for  commercial or business purposes…  They will dump you and drop you like a hot potato. You will if be thrown out head first from whatever insurance carrier that you have put on I’m an assigned risk category. I went for such a job back in  the 1960’s at Franklin National Bank for a collecter.. I turned them  down cold..  when all they offered was mere $10.00 extra.. I didn’t take That  job..Now I see  outfits such as Dominos pizza and Friendly’s advertising  free delivery (I must emphasize that I really are not privy to any financial Arrangements that those outfits have with their Workers) … All I can say and I’ll say it in the most strongest language..  Is don’t do it. Don’t use your car.. Don’t make a Putz out of yourself.. Never use your own car…


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