Boycott Green Acres Mall If Tax Increase Goes Through.



The front of Green Acres Mall in Valley


   Listen, Each and every resident of  Nassau ,Suffolk  and N.Y.C should boycott  the Green Acres Mall if this Tax break  goes through.  To give this abatement  on the backs of the  Valley  Stream  Homeowners  is beyond the pale of decency ,It’s uterly  disgraceful a real travesty .The Town Of Hempstead  elected officials all played stupid feining  their  surprise  at this giveaway. Like I said in a previous  post it was all done under the cover of darkness so to speak  by unelected  officials  while the elected officials keep their hands clean , Well we at The Lerman Report.Com don’t buy that for one moment, there’s  an old expression “don’t pee on my back & tell Me its raining ” in other words, don’t Bullshit a Bullshiter. We can think of another  word to describe  what they did to the homeowners  of Valley Stream but this is a family  web site & will leave just it like that. Valley Stream Residents are a middle community working of hard working  families. By the way the Mall was in great shape overflowing with  custumers even before this givaway.  We would like to  know of any contributions  were made to  The T.O.H. Politicans in any way matter or form ?  T.O H. Politicians so you want to be a nice guy to the Green Acres developers?  Well we at the Lerman Report.Com  suggest that you do it with your own money from your  campaign  coffers not on the  homeowners back..Governor  Coumo  if your  reading this post..please do whatever  in your power to  scrape this deal. Last night at the public forum on this issue,  T.O.H. Officials  remained arrogant  & stood firm. They had the nerve to  say we will conduct anothet study  on the ussue but be prepared  to not like the  outcome..Bottom line.. BOYCOTT THE GREEN ACRES MALL,Do it for the residents of Valley  Stream , Keep  this in mind…Valley Stream  today  your town tommorro.

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