Burger King Please Try To Keep Your Toilets Clean…

burger-king   Burger King Keep Your Toilets Clean just like McDonalds does. I’ve noticed a pretty new menu at Burger king however the Toilets remain filthy, Feces are stuck against the walls of the  commode and a great permeation of Urine prevails in the rest rooms in many of your outlets  .  I see bums going in the mens room with a sponge to  Sort of ‘clean up ”

Although we are in no fan of Mcdonalds We will say this they keep the toilets clean ..they have an attendant check every 10 minutes maybe even less time to clean any mess up their that occurs in the rest rooms.Our advice is being a close pin with you when you dine at Burger King .  While Burger King is investing a small fortune renovating  all their free standing  units they fail to keep their toilets in clean condition.BURGER KING CLEAN YOUR TOILETS


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