The Reality Of The Hospital Emergency Room.


Ever See on T.V. when they have a Segment concerning the E.R. & the Doctors and Nurses pushing a crash cart with a patient on it  frantically with  all the vim & vigor and  gusto with every breath they take?  Well anyone who has ever been an E.R. patient at any hospital knows that’s bullshit and only fiction..It just don’t happen that way. You can bleed out or die from heart failure or any number of things waiting to be seen by a Doctor or even a triage Nurse for that matter.
I recently have had a numbness in my ears going down onto my neck and my face  was numb as if  I left a Dentists office & was on Novocaine which I  was not..So I did not call 911 and have an ambulance get me have taken me to a nearest hospital which in  my humble opinion is a joint . So I drove myself  to a nearby hospital in a neighboring town ..For the purpose of this story I shall  omit their names of both of these hospitals and they shall remain anonymous.
When I arrived in the E.R.  the first thing  I did was going to the receptionist window ,I told her that I felt as if  I’m having a stroke as my entire  face is numb “Fill out this form please” she replied,I then gave her my HMO card & my Drivers licence  & asked her to fill it out for me as I’m currently  in no condition to do so at this time. A half hour passed and I still was not seen by the Triage Nurse.The resiptionist then tells  me that other people are ahead of me…I then said  ”Look what about stroke don’t you understand? I than went on further and told her that I always heard that early intervention is a must if you want to survive a stroke without  unwanted paralysis …at that point she said the Triage Nurse said that you’re not having a stroke .. I replied  back ” how can she say that because she hasn’t layed eyes on me Yet?” The receptionist then said because  I told her so” I said who are you to make a medical assertion you’re not a nurse or a doctor you have no medical background whatsoever you’re a clerk a pencil pusher , Let me see the  Triage Nurse now tell her off her  rear end  and  examine  me right now ! WELL THIS IS THE REALITY OF THE E.R. For a country  that pays the highest  cost for medical  care  in the world this should  never occur./end

The Lerman Report Staff

lerman report satff


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