A waste of time to vote ..Party Big Wigs Are Taking Away Democracy

       Its a waste of energy to go out and vote , Why should we,The Republican Committe made sure that there are uncommited delegates the first round and whats Worst is there trying to null and void our vote by slipping someone else as the parties nominee who got much less votes tan the front runner. They just cancelled the colorado Primary being Trump was the front runner in the lead acording to the polls, Can They do that and get away with it  ? I Guess they can and did already

     The Democrate party is no differnt ,maybe worse,they have Super delegates that are free agents to vote for whom ever camp that their in ,in this case Clinton,making it a coronation This is the end of Demacracy., Why bother voting ..The Republican party if they put up Kasich orRyan ,their ruined setting the party back 200 years.

Quess what they don’tcare.

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