Customs Agents Discovers $10k Worth of Cocaine in Woman’s Vagina at JFK International Airport


            Wpix Reports, customs at JFK International Airport found a half pound of what

has turned out to be cocaine hiding in a woman’s vagina on Sunday.Twenty-four-year-old Shekira Thompson arrived at JFK from Kingston, Jamaica and was reportedly “sweating and acting very nervous” as she went through Customs.Thompson was then taken to a private search room, where she went through a body X-ray.The X-ray came back negative, but she admitted she had cocaine inserted in her vagina.Customs officers were able to retrieve an “egg-shaped form,” which tested positive for cocaine, from her orifice.The amount of cocaine in the container weighed half a pound, which PIX 11 estimated to be a street value of $10,000.Thompson was arrested by Customs and then handed over to the police.She faces charges of narcotics smuggling and will be prosecuted by the Queens D. A.

Shekira Thompson was caught with 1/2 lb of cocaine (pictured) smuggled inside her vagina at JFK Airport by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers.


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