Woman Is Making Bread Using Yeast From Her Vagina

 If you’re even remotely squeamish, you should just stop reading here. This isn’t for the faint-hearted. In a wave of curiosity, a woman has decided to take something positive out of her, probably quite uncomfortable, yeast infection. Namely, the yeast.Instead of bemoaning her itchy vagina.She has decided to attempt to bake bread with the surplus yeast she’s currently producing. She’s gone for sour dough – a type of bread which typically uses ‘wild yeast’.(It probably doesn’t get much wilder than the stuff made inside a vagina.)
Here’s her recipe:
“1 small Greek coffee-sized cup of plain flour
1/2 small Greek coffee-sized cup of water
As much vaginal yeast as I could scrape off a dildo I put in my vagina–my estimate is that there was about as much of it as would lightly coat a single tine of a fork, and no more.”
At the moment, the bread looks like this:
This is apparently pretty much how it goes with sourdough. You have to spend a few days ‘feeding’ the yeast with flour and water – the fact that it’s bubbly indicates that it’s working – and then in a few days it’ll be ready to bake.
The Woman Who Made Sourdough Bread Using Yeast From Her …Image result for hand pointing picture
Feminist Hero Bakes Sourdough Bread Using Her Own Vaginal YeastImage result for hand pointing picture
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