Isreal Must Leave The U.N. Now….


 Israel Must Leave The U.N. that Unesco has put forth a statement that the Western Wall Judaism’s most holiest site and is part of the Al- asa Mosque and Islamic is both insulting and outrageous to Jews all the World over. For all the good that Israel does visa vie helping in catastrophes such as earthquakes and such , means zilch..Where is the world out cry on the stabbings and violence being perpetrated right now in Israel.When A Nation such as South Africa can host Hamas it’s equally outrageous and offensive . The Arabs can do no wrong and the Jews can do no right in the World opinion stage.Anti Semitism has reared its ugly head world-wide…
What the Palestinian Arabs are attempting to do is to erase all  aspects of any Jewish presence or existence from anything pertaining to land of Israel..Which includes all religious & historical landmarks.They are re writing history ..writing Jews out and penciling in fake phony Palestinian data & history in it’s place.It is both a well-heeled  & orchestrated plan..but it won’t work because the Jewish resolve is greater than all the Arabs put together..That’s why Israel has survived for 70 years against insurmountable odds.

    What has Israel gotten from the U.N since 1948 ..Nothing but a daily ongoing brow beating and tongue lashing..

The U.N is has and always be a bastion of anti-Jewish rhetoric and resolutions..

What puzzles us is when we see nations that never had any Jewish people living  in their country voting against her with a vengeance..

You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to suspect that perhaps someones palms are being shmeared with a lot of $$$$  GREEN under the table get the picture?

The U.N.’s leadership was on Israels case going for years from when it was run by Nazi Kurt Waldheim all the way to under the Tutelage of Kim Sun Moon..Israel never got a fair shake.The U.N  has been acting as an antagonise towards Israel for years …and has ceased to become what it was created for.

*Former United Nations Secretary General Kurt Waldheim who kept his World War II Nazi military service a secret

Israel make a bold statement and resign from the U.N. now….Related image

Read below

Palestinians seek to claim WesterWall
Palestinian proposal to UNESCO: Western Wall is part of al .   


UNESCO panel adopts resolution submitted by Jordan ..


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