Isreal Must Leave The U.N. Now….

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      Isreal Must Leave The U.N. that Unesco has put forth a statement that the Western Wall Judaism’s   most holist site and is part of the Al- asa Mosque and Islamic is both insulting and outragious to Jews all the World over. For all the good that Isreal does visa vie helping in catstophies such as earthquakes and such , means zilch..where is the world out cry on the stabbings and violance being perpertrated right now in Isreal.When A Nation such as South Africa can host Hamas its equaly outragious and offensive . The Arabs can do no wrong and the Jews can do no right in the World opinion stage.Anti Semitism has reared its ugly head world wide…

    What has Isreal gotten from the U.N since 1948 ..Nothing, the U.N is has and always be a baston of anti Jewish retoric and resoltions..Isreal make a bold statement and resign from the U.N. now….Related below

Palestinians seek to claim Western WallLight Orchid
Palestinian proposal to UNESCO: Western Wall is part of al .Light Orchid .
UNESCO panel adopts resolution submitted by Jordan …Light Orchid

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