Obama…Cuts The Cord Attaching Israel…An Editorial

          We all know that Obama has no love lost for Bibi Netanyahu , But how do you justIfy sacrificing 6 million Jews Israels Jewish population) Because you on the outs with its Prime Minister ? If this is true than it’s a serious character flaw. For jews to have been loyal Democrats party voters this is  a shock and sad day TO SAY THE LEAST ..WHERE ARE THE jEWISH SENATORS AND CONGRESSMAN FROM Their DEMOCRATIC PARTY ?  WHY ARE THEY SILENT ? To have John Kerry and the U.S. U.N. ambassador deliberately miss Bibi’s Netanyahu speech and the U.S and have it’s entire present delegation not applauded at Bib’s speech was appalling.
1,500 Russian ground troops,1,500  Iranian Troops and 3 thousand Chinese Marines  Russian tanks aircraft and such have been deployed in Syria are not really there solely to prop up  basher Assad but we can all deduct that its there to go against Israel soon? Israel may have to make a preventive strike if it has to…. ..look Israel has one of the smartest General Staffs world-wide,they know what better than I do..What if Obama does want to replenish armaments and weapons and such ? Just how much does Israel have stockpiled ? Can They withstand a push by Russian & Chinese and Iranian forces plus a Sinai &Gaza and intifada uprising or as,well ? I say that if Israel has its back to the wall and ever gets over run ..You Have 300 A bombs? Let a of your adversaries be aware of that fact.In closing we will emphasize that Obama is no friend to our only Democratic Ally in the middle east Israel


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