Get Rid Of All Tolls in N.Y And New Jersey


Bridge Over Troubled WaterLight Orchid


    I was unlucky enough to drive on the George Washington Bridge, It took me 2 hrs to cross he bridge in day light hours, as they closed a lane…I almost thought perhaps Chris  Chrissty may hve been there (lol) ..he wasn’t , just joking ! And drove on the Varrazanno Narrows Taking me A 1/2 to cross at 220pm. Why thet keep theses bridges open is stickly for revenue,someone old me it all or a major portion goes to support Mass transit..well let mass transit riders foot gthat bill, the driving public pays dearly to own and operate and maintance a car. and they should’nt be burdoned with thesestolls any longer.
       My solution is to imposes a levy when you resister your car of an extra $5,00 per person per car to cover to bridge and tunnels in N.Y. – N.J…..BUt they proberly will never do that ..theses bridges are a big cash cow  , and nobody not the public that is knows exactly how much money that they rake in daily while they rake us over the hOt coals ../end

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