Collusion And Price Fixing Among Meat and Provision Suppliers?…..You decide….





Perry Como – Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)



   Memorial Day began the start of the Hot dog and hamburger barbecuing season .Prices of Hot Dogs and Chopped Meat both Fresh and Frozen Burgers are up from last year,as a matter of fact their through the roof.It seems that all the Hot  Dog packages in the stores are high priced and all the same price no matter what store you shop at, practically all the brands are the same price.The prices were  kept high even in winter months

      Fresh Hamburger Patties go for around 4  for $8.50 on the average ,while a 7 or 8 pack of hot dogs ( non Natural casting averages $4.99 a package),Natural casting averages $5.99 a package,  frozen burger average around $11.99 for 6 burgers .

      You can buy Caroline’ s hot dog sausage  for around  $7.99 for 40 links or you can always get Italian sausage 6 for $3.99 hot or sweet. As far as burger s you can  buy a cheap frozen burger package 16 for $6.99 a mixture of Beef , beef hearts , textured soy , soy floor  sugar and many spices are added to make it taste good ..if you dress the burger with melted cheese or fried onions or pickle and ketchup it still tastes better than you would get at most fast food joints.

      You can buy triple ”R” hot dogs a mixture of mechanical separated  chicken parts turkey pork and beef  for $1.00 a package.or John Morrel’ s for around a buck a pack  also.if your on a budget .

     What is  your take is the collusion in the provision industry this year ..Let us at the Lerman Know your take and thoughts on this subject..

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