Circumcision Getting A Bad Image



mobileunit450x250        We were notified that truck was driving down  streets and it t was advertising this message .Its an anti circumcision truck.with a message ‘I did not consent to circumcision.

       Jewish Law and belief is that man is born perfect accept with one flaw ”Uncircumcised ”. It also says in the Bible Circumcision is commanded in Genesis 17:10-14, It is a Jewish males covenant with God( The covenant Of Abraham) & its as simple as that.You don’t want to circumcise your male children and your not of the Jewish faith..who’s stopping you .

      If you were circumcised as a baby and regret it ..take it up with your parents but don’t try to restrict Jewish practice among Jews  at the Bris the  circumcision event a Jewish boy gets his name.

Its usually done by a Jewish practitioner” A mohel ” but a doctor will suffice ..All levels of religiousness among jews are 100% on board with this …..The only thing that should cut out is this truck !end

   Why Do We Have a Circumcision? – Lifecycle Events                               

Circumcision – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedi

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2 comments on “Circumcision Getting A Bad Image

  1. Peter London says:

    Theodore Herzl, the founding father of the State of Israel, the home of the Jewish people, refused to have his son Hans circumcised, because he considered it barbaric.

    Theodore Herzl is buried on Mount Herzl, Jerusalem.

    If an intact penis is good enough for him, it’s good enough for me.


    • Theodore Herzl proposed the idea to have all Jews convert to Christianity except the elders so when the last elder passes on it can be said no Jews exists anymore..he was a secularist ..I don’t put much stock in all of his opinions …its Gods law anyway , if its good enough for God its good enough for me..;I respect your view non the less….
      Don Moses Lerman


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