POST FROM LAST DEAL:Iranian Nuclear Deal..U.S.and The World Got Bubkis

An Editorial…

        Iranian negotiators got everything they could wish for..
 A clear pathway to a nuclear bomb. Iran Says that they will destroy Israel. If they ever get a working  A-Bomb they probably would drop one  on Israel..Arab population Included and Palestinians too since they are all Sunni Muslims and not Shia.

Israel must take a military approach to this and its urgent. John kerry let the west and Israel down in the negotiations ..Just look at the Iranians dancing in the streets in Tehran  but in America no one is dancing in the streets over this deal. Remember when they took Americans hostage? We will never forget ! In addition there are 3 innocent U.S. citizens detained in prison  in Iran   which includes 1 U.S. Marine* read below. The sanctions should never have been lifted they should have been increased.
Report: 4 journalists detained in Iran –

File:Movable shelving at The National Archives.jpg

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