Time For Jews To Leave Europe And Make Aliyah



   When countries such as France,Belgium, Germany & England can no longer guarantee Jewish Citizens protection from mobs of Muslims its time Jews to get your visa and leave these countries for good.  From what We gather  it’s worse than Nazi Germany was ever in the 1930’s.

 There was an  article in a Spanish Newspaper that Europe got rid of 6 million Jews and replaced it with 20 million Muslims

We show you the clip at the end of this story, Plus articles that Louisianan Governor Bobby Jindal Says Muslim ‘No-Go Zones’ Do Exist    says that there are no go zones in these nations that police won’t enter .we  will Post those stories here as well ..you decide….So We will say load and clear time for Jews in  Europe to make Aliyah

Europe got rid of at least six million Jews and replaced them …



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