Don’t take To Much Stock in a College Degree

Holy Man Jam, Boulder, CO Aug. 1970

Two middle age men where man said to the other ” I wouldn’t send your daughter away to college if I were you” Why the other man asked? He went on to say.. Do you know that boys and girls matriculate together in college? WHAT? He Said…What’s more at the end of the term the professor makes your daughter show him her thesis ”.. His friend replied back.. ” THAT SETTLES IT SHE’S NOT GONG TO COLLEGE” !

Someone once tell us that college makes a bum out of a young man and a tramp out of a young be the judge yourself on…

That person relates a story when he graduated high school in the late sixty’s & went right into the service , upon his separation from the Marines He went from job interview after job interview only to be turned down in favor of college graduates .. He was called onto the carpet at each job interview and was rejected-in favor of the college graduate.

He was told each time that they were better candidates than him for the job.

He went onto voice his dissatisfaction at each rejection in a load resounding voice saying listen…

….These college applicants are the Dregs of society the Flotsam & Jetsam of our time, they didn’t take a haircut or a bath in 4 years dressed like a bum in ripped dirty dungarees got stoned on drugs daily and at the end of College took bath got a haircut bought a 3 piece suit and got respectability. He always lost out to them for the job.

As far as. He was concerned after leaving those job interviews even though those college graduates came all dressed up in my opinion each and every one remained nothing more than just a Bum in suit..


Had they had mandatory drug testing back in the late sixty’s. He would have been sitting pretty with a good job in back then while they would be regulated-to the unemployment line./end
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