Hidden Agenda In T.V. Commericals

Summer Dresses

        There is  a hidden agenda in  T.V. commercials this year, You don’t have to agree with it ,but its there .. remember the Energizer Bunny ” a commercial within a commercial ? Well its here again only in a stealth way ..example the clothing industry wants top push woman dresses instead of pants , so every commercial shows a woman in a dress or skirt, even if its for a non related sales item…It’s almost like a subliminal cut. More and more interracial couples are being shown,is is a way of the future to solve race tensions in this country .. remember it only takes 1 generation to change the racial  consensus in the nation. 3rd  a campaign is on to change the way non mid westerners speak..key words are worked into commercials such a water pronounced wha ter often with the”t’ . get the picture .. watch for yourselves and see if you agree./end



Gustoff Zhychick Says;

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