Hidden Agenda In T.V. Commericals

        There is  a hidden agenda in  T.V. commercials .

 You don’t have to agree with it but its there .. remember the Energizer Bunny ” a commercial within a commercial ? Well its here again only in a stealth way ..example the clothing industry wants top push woman dresses instead of pants , so every commercial shows a woman in a dress or skirt, even if its for a non related sales item…It’s almost like a subliminal cut. More and more interracial couples are being shown is

Is this their goal of the way of the future to evolve?  Is this their plan to ease racial tensions in this country .. Remember it only takes 1 generation to change the racial  consensus in the nation.

Thirdly a campaign is on to change the way non mid westerners speak..key words are worked into commercials such a water pronounced whater often with the”t’ . get the picture .. watch for yourselves and see if you agree./end


Gustoff Zhychick Says;

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