Open Up The Canadian-Keystone XL Pipeline Now.. Consumer is Hurting

keystone_pipeline_picture (1)     
     Open Up The Canadian-Keystone Xl
 Pipeline Now. America is hurting both at the pump, as you can notice deisel fule along with home heating oil are still high.  Last winter just I personaly had 2 back to back deliveries of  heating oil at total cost of $700 for a 5 week perio. It’s like a second Mortgage.Just how much can the homeowner take.I know most truckers fill up a few times  a week and is hurting them real bad..this is not right..and don’t think for a second that all this doesn’t have a direct overall effect on comsumer goods.Don’t let this become a political football…. We at the  lerman Report believe that our entire econmomy and any and all inflation is oil related..
   Lets open up the Canadian pipeline now and end this misery , Along with shale  oil fraking and off shore oil we can be self sufficient from foreign oil. 
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2 comments on “Open Up The Canadian-Keystone XL Pipeline Now.. Consumer is Hurting

  1. Ryan says:

    This won’t reduce prices in the US by more than 1 cent, but will destroy drinking water and contribute greatly to carbon carbon emissions using foreign steel. You sound like a shill for big oil.

    • I’m going to disagree.. There are filtering techniquesthat can be put in place that can end atmospheric pollution from burned coal. Whether they’ll be any savings and lowering of prices both at the pump and towards home heating oil remains to be seen.. But When I see these protesters yelling and screaming about the pipeline.. I have to start scratching my head and wonder.. Do they heat their own home and fill up a car? I think not. I remember when gasoline was nearly
      $5.00,a gallon & I’m not fond of that one bit.
      Don Lerman blog Administrator and editor

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