Airline Sky Caps Make More Than The Pilots


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  The Sky Caps . those who take  your luggage at the airport actually make more than the pilots strange .. do the  math.. 150 passengers per plane and $5.00 tip per bag or family and it adds up plus they receive a salary plus a benefit package as well.

Pilots make an average of$100.00 per year and no tips sky caps make  over $77.oo0 plus tips putting them over the top of pilots salary 150 Passengers times 6 planes per day  $5.00 a bag like I said you do the math  is it  fair ..not to the pilots /end – Steady tips keep skycaps flying high – Dec. 9, 2003Light Orchid
Alaska Airlines And The Skycaps: The New WalMart Of The Skies Light Orchid
Columnist shows no love for pilots, skycaps – Airline Biz Blog – The .-..Light Orchid
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What is the average salary for a commercial pilot? – Yahoo AnswersLight Orchid


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